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  1. because I use it in unity and makes building rooms and corridors easy I also like lua I know there are csgs in leadwerks it would be more easy with Boolean don't be so surprised I have been around computers since the early eighties
  2. josh I only thing I want to see in leadwerks is Boolean it would make it perfect for me
  3. it looks like I will not using leadwerks again because when i click on the software it stops responding i asked about exchange and i got no reply thanks mr clint no need to reply
  4. would it be possible to exchange my steam 3'2 for stand alone version just asking if not possible that's ok
  5. I deleted 3.2 steam from my computer now I can not get it back been on steam but it does not work were it says use now it comes up with exe file missing how do I get it back any one help
  6. Do you mean how to install the blender /mdl exporter as a plugin? that is what I mean
  7. I was wondering if any one was going to do a video tutorial for blender exporter I know there are written instructions but not very good on written instructions hope you can understand
  8. I have no workshop browser I have all the others
  9. I purchased the steam version were do I find my steam key
  10. I hear people talking about getting models from the workshop what is it and were do you find it
  11. I would like to volunteer james1943
  12. could some one from the beta invite me in please
  13. what is this I have 3.1 steam edition how do I get it. this is the best way I can think of to ask about it
  14. that did the trick thank you
  15. could any one tell me how to create a sky box in le 3.1
  16. I was thinking it would be nice have extrude and it would be more simple to create rooms corridors and tunnels and other things
  17. no topic just to say thank you to people who took time to help not just know but lots of times your right josh read the guide
  18. I know I am a big pain what is csg box and were do y find it
  19. could any one give me some detail instructions on how to create a trigger box for sliding doors
  20. there is a tutorial on doors for 3.1 one door is where you put a box as trigger box but does not tell you how to do it just tells about the box can any one help
  21. where do you get steam content for le 3.1indie
  22. any date for le 3.1 and linux i will get both when they come out
  23. when I build a room in 3d world studio how do I import to leadwerks 2 and keep the texture with the room that's the best I can explain it
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