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  1. Fantastic!
  2. TGA works great. Thanks guys!
  3. Hey folks, I'm trying to render a screenshot via a LUA script that I saved from last year, but my terrain ends up white like this: Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong? Here's the script: local width=1920 local height=1200 require("scripts/constants/engine_const") local buffer=CreateBuffer(width,height,BUFFER_COLOR) if buffer==nil then Notify("Failed to create buffer!",1) return end local buffer2=CreateBuffer(width,height,BUFFER_COLOR) if buffer2==nil then Notify("Failed to create buffer!",1) buffer=nil return end SetBuffer(buffer) fw:Render() SetBuffer(buffer2) DrawImage(GetColorBuffer(buffer),0,0,buffer:Width(),buffer:Height()) SetBuffer(BackBuffer()) SaveBuffer(buffer2,"test.png") buffer=nil buffer2=nil
  4. @RVL Thanks! I actually was going for a kind of spotlight that was moving around, as if the helicopter was scanning all over the Zone while changing altitudes. @Roland I was careful to say almost no people. Also, uh, it wasn't "stalkers"! Of course not. They were... "explorers"... cough.
  5. Hello again! Just in time for Halloween, my blog once again rises from the dead. Although I wrapped up the Zone project back in July, I just recently finished a 13 minute HD video tour of the completed project. I may be doing a "behind the scenes" video some time later on if there's interest. For now, welcome to The Zone:
  6. Great post! I use a dual OSX/Windows 7 Mac Pro at work, and it's a great machine. My only advice is to toss the Mac mouse - everyone hates them!
  7. Thanks for the link! I've been behind on my Polycount browsing, and now I feel inspired.
  8. Hey, some of those files look familiar. I'm really liking the look of the new Editor!
  9. Hey Flexman, try checking all of your SATA cables. I had this happen a few months ago, and it turns out I had broken a tab off of the end of one of my SATA cables which was causing it to twist just slightly in the socket and causing a boot error just like yours.
  10. Aren't they calling it "Minecrack" now due to it sucking time out of people's lives? I know better than to buy it!
  11. To help with Explorer freezing, try this: 1. Open Folder and View options 2. Go to the "View" tab 3. Check the option that says something along the lines of "Run each Explorer window in its own process" 4. Hit Apply I just discovered this, and as far as I can tell giving each Explorer window its own process takes up a little more RAM but helps prevent one window locking the rest up.
  12. I've been following this - fantastic work! This level of quality with such a short deadline is nothing short of impressive.
  13. I think the OP is on to something with his well researched and verbose comment. After all, Leadwerks can render a spiffy pile of junk when you need it to.
  14. Hey Gilmer, under the vegetation object that you would like to edit you can adjust the "LOD Distance" amount to change how close to the camera the LOD takes effect.
  15. 100,000 triangle characters are not needed to make a realistic game. Here is a great looking character model that's only 15-20,000 triangles: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=74780