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  1. Never mind lol I forgot to add the luafunctions file to my main directory Thanks Gimpy73
  2. I get this error when i try and run some of the code that MG posted awhile ago (basic scene loader etc.) any help on this ??? Thanks Gimpy73
  3. Agree with Pixel . Keep up the good work Kevin , look forward to seeing this game in action B) Oh and im one of those who talk the talk Thanks Gimpy73
  4. GIMPY73

    Jane Croft Trailer

    Looking great RVL
  5. GIMPY73


    Awsome Josh. I have to get an iMac now , just to stop me drooling
  6. GIMPY73

    Logo vote

    Way above my head Lumooja lol. Thanks Gimpy73
  7. GIMPY73

    Logo vote

    How about a splash screen Thanks Gimpy73
  8. iLuaBox , Lua scripting on the iPad : )

    1. gordonramp


      I could probably do that..

    2. GIMPY73


      Not sure on how good it is Gordon , but it sounds cool to be able to use Lua on the iPad :)

  9. GIMPY73

    Logo vote

    Cool idea Pancakes Little Trixi with a cog coming out of the side of her head Thanks Gimpy73
  10. Epic Citadel looks great on the iPad (Unreal Engine). Think how LeadWerks will look :) , cant wait.

  11. GIMPY73

    Logo vote

    And the Logo Thanks Gimpy73
  12. GIMPY73

    Logo vote

    How about an IPad-ified version Thanks Gimpy73
  13. Well Rick , i just load it into Cinema 4D and rig my character with one of the skeletons. Not sure if it works in other 3D apps like 3D MAX etc.. But i posted the link so people can try them out Thanks Gimpy73
  14. Not sure if these are any use , but ive had some fun with them in Cinema 4D http://sites.google.com/a/cgspeed.com/cgspeed/motion-capture/cmu-bvh-conversion Thanks Gimpy73
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