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  1. Couldnt just be the last selected object have its widget and this one will apply its movement or rotation to all? So when the user selects the stair which has to be the one on the ground last, he will be able to position it exactly. very simple solution, isnt it!? just a idea.
  2. I really hoped that the update would be free from 3.0 to 3.1 . Personaly I wouldn´t update if it isnt free for LE3 owners, because I expected the upcoming features to be in the 3.0 Version anyway. From the graphic-site LE2 was way better and cost the same as Leadwerks 3, so an priced update wouldn´t be a good dicision. At least, it would NOT be very costumers friendly, from my point of view. But if i am not happy with it, I always can move to a nother engine.
  3. I would prefer you focus on what you have and make it as good as you can. I am an old Shiva user and what Shiva maybe did wrong, and on one post you said the same, was that they focused on too many plattforms. People who bought a LE3 licence and therefor supported LE3 feel dissapointed and with the price a little bit.....irritated. Costumer service is as IMPORTANT as a good technology.
  4. When loading "The Darkness awaits" or my own project and trieing to run it, LW gives a error message : Map file version 16 not supported. Do I have to do something special to get it running?
  5. Hi, After updating leadwerks 3 I couldn´t start the editor any more and there was this errormessage: The procedure entry point WorldInvalidateProjectedShadowsInAABB could not be located in the dynamic link library Leadwerks.dll Best, Patrick
  6. The idea of the import/export button is very useful. And the projected shadows..... I can´t wait to see them I am looking forward to the end of the week
  7. Ah, ok, so i´ll have to be patient @Pancakes : Thanks! I try to get used to csgs, and just painted a simple boxtexture, to see how the mapping works with csg and how the integration of photoshopfiles works. This is a feature I like a lot. Just pain the texture and its instantly refreshed after saving. This one is very reusable, but when its finished, the "boxsign" won´t be there anymore
  8. Hi, I have made a texture in photoshop and appied it to a csg box. I pressed "fit" in the Justify-tab to make it fit the face. It worked at all faces (in all directions) instead of the y direction. This direction wont apply the rotation of the csg to the texture. I hope I could explain it in a good way . best, Heavy Paddy
  9. Hi, Is there a way to get the translation of the perspectivecamera in the editor to set the position of the camera in the script? Because it feels intuitive to navigate in the editor and search of a good spot to start the game from. Best, Heavy Paddy
  10. Thanks for your good tutorials. They really help getting to learn the engine and a little bit of scripting, when you arent a programmer And you arent too fast or doing too complicated stuff, so the viewer can follow your steps.
  11. Oh, thanks, I didn´t knew that. But shouldt the CSG brush be lightmaped with the downscaled model? It took the original size into ccount.
  12. Hi, I imported a model from modo, which was way to big. I rescaled it in the Editor and placed it in my level. I then calculatet the lightmapping and it calculated based on the imported hight not the resized one. I translated the model but it still took the initial model into acount.
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