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  1. 3D World Studio 5.6 Transparency issue

    Does Anybody else have this problem? For example. in 5.37 (when i was on win 7 32bit) I could make a square 128x128 in Photoshop CS5, add an alpha layer and just make the whole layer a dark grey, save it as a .png, load it into 3DWS and wahey! I had a working transparent texture Now however 5.37 doesnt work due to my Win 7 64bit OS i assume! and i cant get the textures to be transparent in version 5.6 (the newest)! This is driving me mad
  2. Making Menus For Our Games

    Thanks guys, i was thinking about using the editor and setting a camera to view the menu. That way i could have a 3D menu that moves slightly etc when you select an Option. Kinda like Race Driver GRID if anyone remembers that?
  3. Making Menus For Our Games

    Hi there, What do people use to make Menus for their games ? James
  4. Hi all! Im running 3d world studio 5.6 on windows 7 Ultimate (SP1) x64. Ive made Transparent Textures using an Alpha layer in Photoshop CS5 and when i apply them to just a simple Plane in the Program, theyre not transparent in either .png or .dds (DXT5) format. They used to work in 5.37 Builder edition. Does anybody know why this is? Thanks guys, JaMeS Tried installing Version 5.37 (builders edition) in Compatibility mode WIN XP SP3 and run the installer as Administrator. Also once installed like that, i run the .exe the same but still no joy !
  5. C++ Keeping it tidy

    Thanks very much Rick!
  6. Hi guys, anyone experienced in 3ds max ? Iv'e googled it to find out why or how this is happening and there is no explanation i can find. Iv'e got a helicopter modeled in 3ds max 2010. Ive set the Pivot for the top blade and the rear blade. I centred the pivot to the children of the body (bladerear and bladetop) When mince turns the blades in LE 2.5 with a script he made,telling each blade to rotate on a certain axis, they sort of turn and then go back and forwards and backwards as if they were coliding with the body itself. It's strange, also they don't rotate correctly on their Axis, the top one is at an angle facing upwards slightly and the rear facing out to one side although they ARE dead straight in 3ds max. I export them as an FBX and use LE's fbxtogmf.exe. In the model viewer it recognises the Body is the parent and the blades are children in the hierarchy. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks again, James **********************************************SOLVED THANKS TO MACKLEBEE*******************************************************
  7. Will LE3 use Lua?

    Thanks for Clarifying that for us
  8. I did that thanks mate. Its an error with Resizing the bone, or you can reset Transform and Scale in the Hierarchy. Neither of which actually worked
  9. Hello again all! Im trying to export a gun ive added a bone to in order to Animate a part of the gun only. I get this error when exporting it to .FBX format " One or more objects in the scene has local axes that are not perpendicular to each other (non-orthogonal). The FBX plug-in only supports orthogonal (or perpendicular) axes and will not correctly import or export any transformations that involve non-perpendicular local axes. This can create an inaccurate appearance with the affected objects: -Bone01 " Ive added the bone where i need it, then added the Skin Modifier to the section of the gun to be animated. Set the animation and tried to Export. Im not too sure on a Perpendicular Axis?? HEEEEEEEEEEEELp lol!
  10. Forum Help & the lack of

    Thanks again Josh. That's resolved. When your'e sending a message to something where does the message go in the hierarchy ? Also, is the new version as powerful as LE2 as in, Obviously Android Phones aren't all that powerful so I was wondering if the Engine has been designed to only be as powerful as a say Android 4 Device etc... Or does it automatically optimize for each device
  11. Forum Help & the lack of

    Back in 2004 We wrote our own path-finding system for DarkBasic Professional used in a RTS> Reiners World. It ran in the background and had a job system too allowing for literally tthousend units unlike RedAlert. Graphically it sucks but We only had Reiner Prokeins Graphics to work with. It uses tile maps of over 1 million tiles(1024*1034) Breaks barriers on unit amounts and the smoke and weapons. It also ran timer based,same on any machine. We have done things that many others have struggled with. Believe it or not 2d character control is far harder then 3d. Every frame and every action has to be controlled. We can see why this powerful Engine has a relative small User Base, Its hard to find answers. Credit To Chris Man Macklebee Red October Josh Klint as determined as we are we are getting nowhere fast. The guys who know seem to of forgot what its like to start out. Determination is running thin now. You have to buy it first before you can check out the knowledge base thoroughly. (Not Great) We could do with help on using the AI path system. We could do with help sending Messages(shot) from bullet.lua to crawler character. We could do with help on turning a loaded object into separate hierarchy pieces for ragdoll and decapitation of body parts . The most important thing we need to know before buying this is Prob no one seems to want to confirm is collision. We found that raycasting(PICK..) a character that entered the game standing, when that character lays down the cast will hit the object as if it was standing?? Please help us
  12. textures in 3DWS

    In 5.37 the Builder edition Mince purchased, the .PNG's worked and transparency worked, however i had a problem with png's not being transparent in version 5.6
  13. Collision

    Why is do raycast collisions true at un-animated characters? (Standing Arms Out) Can the characters physics be updated for accurate collision? if not can we treat it passable and have collision boxes that user makes? Please Help?
  14. Got payslip Today money should be in bank for LE2&3 in couple days!! This Engine has rejuvenated us, were like a big kids again. Bullet.Lua And Message! The bullet checks the next position is empty until it hits something. If we wanted to store what it hit what do we reference? also can we check to see if the hit something can except messages? and how to send a int or float value as a message? We made some blocks, that if receive a message shot will play a ouch.ogg if they get shot twice they free them selves. ideally we want to pass bullet distance traveled as the message. Thanks again for all your help guys!!, thanks to you, us two Outcasts are catching up !!
  15. We made the minigun in two parts, we can rotate the Barrels like this. ty