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  1. The engine doesn't automatically create the material for you and apply it to your model, it just automatically converts the files to formats read by Leadwerks. ".mdl" for models and ".tex" for textures. Just right click on your texture and "Generate Material" . Then drag it onto your model http://www.leadwerks...-materials-r689 . If your model has multiple materials assigned to it I think you can apply them to the appropriate parts in the "Model Editor". Double click the model in the "Asset" view to open the "Model Editor". There you can also separate your animations http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/user-guide/model-editor-r16
  2. BenH_76

    Teaching Leadwerks

    I personally would like to see complete mini game tutorials (much like the awesome FPS tutorial you guys are doing now). I also prefer Lua to C++ (so don't forget about us non-C++ guys). I think Lua is a lot less intimidating to people coming from an art background. Also it would be great if you could make a tutorial (or later convert the FPS tutorial) for iOS and Android versions. I'm sure a lot of users (myself included) are very interested in publishing for mobile. So having an FPS tutorial for iOS and Android would be super helpful .
  3. Well drag your FBX file and your texture files into your appropriate project folders and Leadwerks will automatically convert them for you. I haven't imported animated models yet so I don't have any info on that front. Just create a test project and try importing various models. It is always to good to figure out your proper art pipeline workflow before you start your real project. Try importing some stuff and see how it works out for you.
  4. Just drag and drop the files into your project folder (wherever you keep your Models/Textures).
  5. Glad to see some Modo users here .
  6. I haven't yet exported any animated characters into the engine yet so I am not sure. After I make my level I will start characters. I bought the ACS kit http://www.luxology.com/store/kits/acs/ which I will be using for all of them. Supposedly it is absolutely amazing. As far as exporting standard assets and levels it is pretty straightforward, it just works. I am still experimenting with the best way to do lighting because as of now you can't bake lighting onto imported meshes inside Leadwerks. So right now I am planning on doing all of my lighting and lightmap baking inside Modo and then export the whole level at one time. We'll see how it goes. I wish I had more info for you but as you know creating all the art assets for an entire level by yourself can be very time consuming and I have mostly been creating art assets rather than exporting them too much yet. The solo developer must be very patient lol.
  7. Yeah, learning a new 3d app and a new engine at the same time is definitely a lot of information . I have been using Modo for a few years now, so I should be able to answer any questions about it if you have any. It is an amazing program once you learn it.
  8. This is the number one feature missing from the engine right now for me.
  9. I think that there will be a lot of good programming info (hopefully Lua) coming in the next parts of this tutorial http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/building-a-first-person-shooter-part-10-creating-a-room-r22
  10. Every time I try to type in a negative value in any of the Position, Rotation, or Scale fields it doesn't work. It just changes the grid size and uses the positive value. Maybe it is because I am using the number keys on the top row and not the numpad? My Mac keyboard doesn't have a numpad so I can't test it.
  11. Sorry for starting a new thread but you locked my old one without giving me a chance to reply lol. Cmd or ctrl doesn't work. Oh I see it actually works on meshes but not on brushes. Is that how it supposed to work?
  12. I read somewhere on the forums (forget which thread) that you can ctrl+drag an item to duplicate it in the editor. This doesn't work for me on Mac. Also copy/paste shortcuts don't work either.
  13. If we could get deferred rendering working well on mobile then that would be amazing. But I was just hoping that until that happens we could lightmap imported models. However, if deferred rendering is right around the corner then I will gladly use that instead of lightmapping.
  14. Yeah but the problem right now is that imported models cant be lightmapped in Leadwerks 3. That is why I requested the 2nd UV map for lightmapping on imported meshes in another thread http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/6523-2nd-uv-set-for-meshes-for-lightmaps/ That is the most important feature request I believe and it would make it so artists never have to use CSG at all if they dont want to.
  15. Yeah it is pretty expensive. It is a great program though.
  16. No it is not . In Modo I make a cube a flip the normals. Viola...instant room. Only in real life do walls need thickness.
  17. Well with my way everybody wins. I could use the "Make Room" button and you could use the prefab option.
  18. Good workaround but my way would be easier. As of now the editor is way too clunky for me to use for any level creation. I will use Modo for all modeling. I am 1000 times faster in there.
  19. After going through the first part of the FPS tutorial I notice how annoying it was to make a simple room. It would be so much easier if there was a "Make Room" button where the user would input the desired room dimensions and wall thickness and then the room would be created for them.
  20. BenH_76

    Footstep sounds

    I would check these out http://www.thegamecr...2108&page=pack7 . Another good site for sound effects and music loops is Sound Rangers http://www.soundrangers.com .
  21. The engine is so new thats why not many have yet deployed to mobile. I just got started on my game with Leadwerks 3. The engine is easy to use though so far. I have a few apps on the app store using Unity, but I am using Leadwerks now and foresee many apps in my future using this engine.
  22. Awesome tutorials, great job! More Lua please
  23. Yes, this is precisely the workflow with UDK and it is excellent. Out of all of the feature requests this is probably my number one.
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