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  1. Thanks for your answers. Then I have to wait for Josh. I don't understand that the "editor.exe" uses the nvidia card and the other apps not. When I disable this intern Intel graphic card I don't see anything.
  2. Hello, I started a project with vb.net. Everything is working but I have one big problem: My laptop have two graphic cards (a slow intern Intel, and a fast Nvidia). Leadwerks choses the slow intel card for rendering so everything is really slow. How can I change this? My project only contains the default demo code and a console window. I have the same problem with the material editor and the model viewer. But at the Editor LW choses the right nvidia render device. Thanks and greetings!
  3. Oh, i am so stupid PS.: It is also wrong in the Wiki: C++: flt Terrain::GetHeight( int x, int y ) const EDIT: Now every thing work fine: VObject::kiObject->Y = TerrainElevation(cTerrain, kiObject->X,kiObject->Z) greats
  4. I Also thought about that, but every time when i test it, it was the last chil. But, i have one more question, why does this two ways to get the terrain height doesn´t work: First Way: VObject::kiObject->Y = TerrainHeight(cTerrain, kiObject->X*2,kiObject->Y*2); // 2 is the Meter per tile Second way: if(LinePick(&cPick, Vec3(kiObject->X,kiObject->Y,kiObject->Z), Vec3(kiObject->X,kiObject->Y-10,kiObject->Z), 5)) { kiObject->Y = cPick.Y; std::cout << cPick.Y << std::endl; } Can some one help me? greats
  5. Ok, i found a solution: TEntity cScene = LoadScene("abstract::test2.sbx"); int cTerrainChildCount = CountChildren(cScene); TTerrain cTarrain = (TTerrain)GetChild(cScene,cTerrainChildCount); Thanks! greats
  6. Hello, were i can find GetFirstEntityByKey ? I am unable to find it in the c++ files. greats
  7. Hello, i was playing arround a little bit with C++, and i had problems with selecting the terrain. This is my code: TEntity cScene = LoadScene("abstract::test2.sbx"); ScaleEntity(FindChild(cScene,"Terrain"), Vec3(1,1,1)); Does some one know, what is my problem? greats
  8. Thanks a lot, this works now: ScaleEntity(terrain, Vec3(meterspertile, altitude, meterspertile); Greetings Steven
  9. I cant see any way to set the meter per tileoption... Does nobody habe an answer? Greetings, Steven
  10. i thought this parameter is for the resolution. Greetings, Steven
  11. Hello, I´ve write my own .sbx laoder. Every thing works fine without the terrain. I can´t see any way to set the Meterspertile from a terrain. i hope some one can help me. Greetings, Steven
  12. Hey ZeroByte, yes the vehicle is nice but I want to make a realistic rally car and so want to write my own function. But the problem is, that there are missing a few Joints functions in Lua. I wrote this at the Bug Tracker. So I have to wait. Greetings, Steven
  13. Okay, i found out that i need to use Joint Hinge. But i want to make a "soft" car with damping. So i need the "CreateJointSlider" function. But this doesn't work at the Lua Editor because this function isn't there. Has "CreateJointSlider" a new name or isn't there this function? Greetings, Steven
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