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  1. Survived time away with family. Back to get on with things lol...well tomorrow i need a break im exhausted

  2. UO as in Call of Duty United Offensive, the first expansion to the series created by Grey Matter Studios, currently known as Treyarch formerly known as Xatrix Entertainment creators of the banned Kingpin : Life of Crime (my first pc fps xD)
  3. +1 on the no restrictions that may convince me to get an xbox one in a year or two (im happy for now) Rick I was very much like that, when I did pc gaming I was modding brand new title's constantly I would be queued up outside the store waiting to get my copy (except CoD2 which I got a few days early) and being their at first light was very important. Now im playing Blackops 1 which was released nearly 3 years ago and I every night I go on im in a party of 6 (theirs usually about 10-11 of us so split the group up) and play different people every night, so 3 years on the clan match aspect
  4. May be silly a silly question...could we extrude shapes from the terrain mesh in the actual level editor. Just think say I may a 3 square mile location, then I have a center section for a town, could I create brushes and use csg extract to remove the shape from the terrain so I have a hole to place a building in without risking the floor surface intruding through the living room floor.
  5. My gaming used to be 100% console, then I moved to 100% pc and now im 70/30 console/pc. I loved console games especially when it was games like Final Fantasy, they kept me at the tv longer than they ever should have (so worth it!) I switched to the pc for competitive games, fps mostly' where the network challenge was their. I resisted going back to a console, I bought a wii for the kids played it a handful of times before marking it as trash. Bought the xbox360 initially didn't like it, took me maybe 6months before I bothered to sit down and play a game for an afternoon, now I play for 2hrs mo
  6. terrain patching is quite nice, especially if we can make smaller chunks and just connect them together at the seem's smooth out any difference. Also helps cut areas' for building foundations we intend to add later - their are many a work around for this,but it is a nice feature to have.
  7. I wonder if anyone has actually "mastered it". One of the old adages is someone can always do it better. I think even Bjarne Stroustrup will have came across people recreating his works in a more streamline or efficient manner. It took 1 person to invent the wheel, but millions since have improved upon it.
  8. Starwars is a religion to some of its devotees that doesn't make it so. Yes OOP can become extremely complex beyond initial planning and it's not hard for that to occur when you get sidetracked. When I refer to oop i refer to perl & php as that is where my experience generates (Started using perl at 10, switched to php at 15 and been using it for 10years). I think OOP is very powerful, but its easy to get distracted and go into too much depth craving perfection, obviously you can streamline code after it's written and clean up the formatting - despite what many people say I hav
  9. It's not specifically for bullets, this is for my other game idea just testing the feasability of it. It's more like spell tracers etc
  10. This is probably an odd query, I was looking at the viability of my second project idea, which I would love to use LE3 for. So I have 1 query, I dont need a you do it this way, or whatever just a yes/no would be fine. I would be looking to have weapon fire like a particle effect but made from a model (or including a model) that is animated. I would still to using a particle emitter but since their isn't a dedicated particle editor I think using an animated model would do just as good on the gfx quality scale. Thanks Sorry for the billion or so questions this is the last I shoul
  11. Can we get the option for ios instead of ouya
  12. Is it just me that finds it a miracle that minecraft isn't on either of their favorite games list? Glad to see a husband & wife development though, tried persuading my wife to get involved and she basically told me to screw off lol
  13. Josh you can if you want, I have an old nokia 8850 kicking about somewhere lol I'll sell it for say 8850
  14. Keep the info coming guys it's greatly appreciated. My original project was ww2 from the British perspective and incorporating the french resistance. This hasn't driven anyone to my door or any real interest from other dev's as such I'm decided whether to switch it up. If I was I do have another game idea in mind that would be a brand new genre all together (so far as i know). I'm looking to finalize my decision by the end of the week as I can't afford to not be making progress or to waste my progress on a project without a future so decisions need to be made fairly quick. So all the
  15. Basically I've been having huge trouble getting anyone remotely interested in my main project, to the point where I am currently reconsidering it entirely, perhaps the people I spoke to don't represent much of the other people out their. I figured I would give it a second shot asking some important questions here and use the information to make a final decision on the project and it's future. Please be brutally honest and expand on your votes. Cheers
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