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  1. Is double precision still included in the feature list ? I figured out how to make universe move around my ship but double precision would make it easier (especially for physics).
  2. For UE4 you can pay once 18 and stop subscription and can still use it legally . Only downside you will not be able get updates. Main problem with ue4 is royalties and the extra work they generate for an accountant.
  3. Even if it happends in reality will change nothing. If anything will contribute to leadwerks sucess. At some point valve was hacked and source code on internet. Do they look in a bad shape to you ? Windows deliberately allowed updates to pirate xp copies etc. Nobody will build anything commercial with pirated stuff. And if they do they will get sued and money will be recovered 100 times.
  4. panz3r

    Refocusing on the PC

    Thank you for the linux version. I am one of disappointed for dropping mobile. Well at least i am glad that I was able to help funding linux version. Unfortunately for my current project long term support and Mobile is a must(will help differentiate my product to the rest) and I will go back to unity and give them (unfortunately a lot of)money Other than this I wish all the best to Leadwerks and hopefully next year linux will not be dropped due to smaller market share in gaming(~2% accordingly to steam).
  5. Yeah I am feeling that I am beating a dead horse. RIP Leadwerks Mobile
  6. Full source code for mobile included too !! Thank you !
  7. Maybe payed support cand be a solution - like 100-200 per bug fixed. For reported bugs Josh estimate a cost and people contribute and when ammount is reached Josh fixes it.
  8. We try to come with a solution. What is your proposal Aggror, i promise i will support it if is anything else then "get used with it, there will be no mobile". I have big respect for you because i learned a lot from your tutorials . I would be fine to pay 1000 for the source code of 3.0 as it is now(+ some minor stuff fixed). Or maybe Josh sets a price tag to open source it to verybody with a kickstart project.
  9. DudeAwesome, i am not sure how old are you but i can tell you one thing. In business if people don;t trust you they don;t make business with you. I said I understand his point of not macking money but I would expect that Josh would offer some options for peoples involved in mobile development. Yougroove proposed a different product bassed on Leadwerks 3.0 named Leadwerks mobile and which gets only bug fixed. That would be fine.( Btw i don;t even want to start with false advertising sh1t and bait and switch)
  10. Dude, i don;t want to debate you, I am glad if you are going to develop a linux game. I am sick of dual booting.
  11. Well then you and me are in different linux comunities.The linux comunity where i am is praising open source and is tolerating close source. (Just for the reference can you point me to one of the popular/succesfully games made by the linux comunity you are refering that you know?) Is also dishonest to claim that Ouya did not contribute with anything to the Kickstarter while Josh did PR by wisiting them and they had a strech goal. And i did put my money where my mouth is and i gaved 200 to the kickstarter for linux and i did this when the fund was bellow 10k and i had allready LW3.0+mbiles. A
  12. The Android demand (Ouya) gave also money trough kickstarter. Josh was even visiting Ouya community. Well I don't see why somebody would not buy only widows license and buy later linux and os. The crazy linux fans are usually more in networking, sysadmin and less in game developing. What they want is games that run native in linux and then to compile everything from source code. Unless leadwerks become fully open source the value of native developing is only convenience and not religion.
  13. Fast forward one year from now this could be (italic are edits):
  14. To be fair Unity does not have out the box all that. And yes I have not done mbile development, was reserved fr later
  15. I will draw the picture if is so hard to understand: unity pro= 1500 , people are fine with this price and stick to unity Unity pro+ios pro+android pro =4500 people are not so fine and look to alternatives. Leadwerks was a good deal - 600 for pc+mobile. Because ue4 and cryengine unity will have to revise the price especially to mobile. Now leadwerks dropping mobile , ue4 entering in scene and unity most likely having to drop prices leadwerks is not interesting anymore. Btw i don;t advocate unity or ue, just presenting facts. All leadwerks had to do was to add gui, iron bugs, and push i
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