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  1. works for me
  2. float slope = 1.0-ex_normal.y; vec4 g1=texture(texture0,ex_texcoords0*42); vec4 g2=texture(texture1,ex_texcoords0*42); vec4 g3=texture(texture2,ex_texcoords0*42); vec4 g4=texture(texture3,ex_texcoords0*42); vec4 g1full=texture(texture0,ex_texcoords0); vec4 g2full=texture(texture1,ex_texcoords0); vec4 g3full=texture(texture2,ex_texcoords0); vec4 g4full=texture(texture3,ex_texcoords0); g1=mix(g1,g1full,0.2); g2=mix(g2,g2full,0.2); g3=mix(g3,g3full,0.2); g4=mix(g4,g4full,0.2); outcolor = g1; outcolor = mix(outcolor,g2,smoothstep(0.0,0.05,slope)); outcolor = mix(outcolor,g3,smoothstep(0.01,0.125,slope)); outcolor = mix(outcolor,g4,smoothstep(0.125,0.26,slope));
  3. this is a 4 texture splat shader no normals form LE3 before terrains:
  4. Not sure you can allocate 13 channels? (4 diffuse, 4 normal, 4 specular + 1 for alpha), can't test right now. Might work if you pack specular into the alpha channel of the normal texture, then you would need only 9. (4 color, 4 normal with specular as alpha) + one mask alpha.
  5. Seems to be dead (dropbox killed it) Here it is (again unchanged have idea if it works) :
  6. Looking great Mattline!
  7. This has been asked before, and I don't think you can change by code. But for workaround I think you can do one of these: 1. add an invisible csg box and set it as parent to the model. (not enteirly sure, cant test this atm) 2 .add 8 single verts representing your aabb in the modeler and resave, no faces needed.
  8. Trying to make wet blood stains but, fragData2.a seems to have no effect on decal specular rendering. Blood looks like plastic with no specular, is this a bug?
  9. You could use env probes, and or SSR
  10. assign rendertarget texture to a material and apply material to the monitor/brush/model
  11. There is an tesselation shader shipped with leadwerks, diffuse+normal+specular+tessellation.shader
  12. Bone scaling can also use to create diversity like bigger hands, feet, longer arms, bigger head etc.
  13. Awesome :-)
  14. I know several swedish jokes
  15. Leadwerks has 32bit floating point precision, so any terrain larger that 4096x4096 will have errors and jitter when transformed. Since you can't move the terrain (and center camera) there is really no point in having a bigger one.