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  1. Looks like a good approach, I guess one type of blurring will be enough, but I cannot think of a good reason to use any other type than downsizing. What about matrices? Can you access them like before? projection, camara and normal matrix. Also getting buffers like normal,position,depth.
  2. They are made by @tjheldna so it's not my permission to give. But you can use the shaders to your liking if not otherwise is staded in them.
  3. There are water shaders in Dino Land you can steal (whole game is unencrypted) I believe the rest of the sahders are also there.
  4. Here is the code for terrain.lua --Get the primary display local displaylist = ListDisplays() local display = displaylist[1]; if display == nil then RuntimeError("Primary display not found.") end local displayscale = display:GetScale() --Create a window local window = CreateWindow(display, "Terrain", 0, 0, math.min(1280 * displayscale.x, display.size.x), math.min(720 * displayscale.y, display.size.y), WINDOW_TITLEBAR + WINDOW_CENTER) --Create a rendering framebuffer local framebuffer = CreateFramebuffer(window); --Create a world local world = CreateWorld() --Create a camera local camer
  5. Quick perlin noise example, but there is a seam issue you can see:
  6. I have no idea why it's not in the library, but here you go: DinoLand.zip
  7. unzip it, it believe it is unencrypted.
  8. If you dismantle the game Dino Land, it has a raymarched ocean you can use.
  9. It looks like there is less geometry in the second picture. Missing a stack on the right side.
  10. Can we do anything in LE5 yet?

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    2. Crazycarpet


      Is Is double precision really necessary? Performance will undoubtedly get killed.


      Not to mention cache misses will start to happen more and more, 4x4 double precision matrices aren't too cache friendly.

    3. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      GPU math will still be 32-bit

    4. Crazycarpet


      Fair enough, still RIP network bandwidth and your poor cache... just don't see the benefit. Why use structures that won't fit into registers? You're giving up a lot to have maybe more precise physics, really...It is a game engine, not a specialized physics simulator. Has there been issues with float precision in the engine? I haven't seen any reported. Seems like a premature step.

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