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  1. Languages

    Norwegian too.
  2. Say Hello to Leadwerks 5 Shared Objects

    almost easier to use c++ now. auto game = makeMyGame(); game->Render();
  3. Does LeadWerks let you modify/update Lua?

    This is interesting, so I can create models and surfaces and normalize in code on one thread and when done (like big terrain patches on my planet renderer), I will render it on the "rendering" thread? If so it would be quite awesome!
  4. Graphic quality by changing resolution 4.4

    I doubt my (buffered) shaders will catch a resize. Try without any of mine and see if it goes away.
  5. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    One more thing, materials/terrain is not included in the pack, so all maps are white.
  6. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    The tutorial says EditorSplineTools.lua not SplineTools.lua, but yeah, that works, thanks
  7. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    I cant seem to run the examples. It probably just me. I figured out that the splinetools folder needs to manually moved to the script folder after install (3900 load errors if not ) But now I get "D:/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/spline/scripts/splinetools/editor/editorspline.lua" : 14 : attempt to call global 'new' (a nil value)
  8. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    Looks great Aggror, I will get this!
  9. C++ Or Lua??

    I had to switch to c++ to get this fast enough. In lua the mesh generation took alot longer and fps was stuttering at 5 fps.
  10. 180 Flip Dark

    If it's a single face model, with just two sided checked in the material, you'll get this I think. EDit: ah..
  11. Will Leadwerks 5 have double precision to avoid translation floating point errors?

    1. Josh


      Considering it.

  12. Move Vertexs

    You can easily just mod the vertex shader to this with no overhead. .z Something like : modelvertexposition.z = sin((modelvertexposition.x*modelvertexposition.y)+currenttime*.001);
  13. how can I do this in c++?

    Oh yours were much nicer than mine, I used 2 std::vectors one for the text index (I used stringstream) and one to store the models. Thank you!
  14. how can I do this in c++?

    nevermind I kind of solved it