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  1. Also this lock free c++ queue could probably come in handy for Leadwerks (BSD license): http://moodycamel.com/blog/2014/a-fast-general-purpose-lock-free-queue-for-c++
  2. Looking forward to Leadwerks 5 ... some questions though: 1. Can you use Leadwerks GUI in your game or will it only be for the editor? 2. Will Windows, Linux, and Mac support be released at the same time? Thanks for the update
  3. So I think you could take a look at https://github.com/igagis/svgren it uses https://github.com/igagis/svgdom to create a SVG document object model and render it with cairo. Maybe you could use only the object model and do the rest directly in leadwerks. Maybe SVG++ could maybe be of help http://svgpp.org/.
  4. I have not opened the Leadwerks from within Steam since for ever. I always use the desktop icon but for some reason I can not even remember why I tried from within Steam.
  5. When I start Leadwerks from the Steam window Leadwerks freezes the whole desktop. If I start Leadwerks directly from the desktop it works. I am running Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS.
  6. http://tech.slashdot.org/story/15/07/23/1546206/open-source-mesa-3d-librarydrivers-now-support-opengl-4 Would be cool to test with Leadwerks on my Linux machine some day. The intel drivers are in the Mesa stack so why not.
  7. Phoronix is allways a good source of information: Here is a 15-Way AMD/NVIDIA Graphics Card Comparison For 4K Linux Gaming: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amdnv-4k-15gpu&num=1 Also here is their review of the Mobo i posted above: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTY5OTE
  8. My current Linux build ... you being Swede and all: Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 Motherboard - https://www.dustinhome.se/product/5010786253/ga-z97-hd3 Intel Core i5 4690K / 3.5 GHz processor - https://www.dustinhome.se/product/5010791975/core-i5-4690k-35-ghz-processor 16 Gb ram - Corsair XMS3 - https://www.dustinhome.se/product/5010639170/xms3 I had a Asus Nvidia GTX 580 already so I used that as GFX card. I can also recommend this PC case if you want something that is easy to work with, is good ventilated and silent https://www.dustinhome.se/product/5010810959/define-r5 and this silent PSU http
  9. We also support Blender by doing this ... that is nice. I am in the same spot. I need to get more hours in to Blender.
  10. Need to use Blender more often.

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    2. Roland


      Any special reason not use the Leadwerks exporter. Does pure fbx work better

    3. CreativeOcclusion


      I have not tried it...always just used fbx since it seems to work fine...

    4. codeape


      The Leadwerks exporter worked good for me :)

  11. Pretty good and inexpensive Blender introduction video tutorial series (51 episodes): http://store.steampowered.com/app/373020/ Section 1 - Understanding the Interface. Chapter 01 - First encounters 5 mins Chapter 02 - Navigation 6 mins Chapter 03 - Layout Customizing 8 mins Chapter 04 - User Preference Changes 6 mins (Autodepth, Autoperspective, Addon - Layers, VBO’s.) Section 2 - 3D View. Chapter 01 - Menus, Modes and Display. 5 mins Chapter 02 - Pivot Point and 3d Manipulator 8 mins Chapter 03 - Layers and Snapping 7 mins Section 3 - Modeling Chapter 01 - Mesh Data, Ob
  12. Josh, should I post this to the Bug forum? Thanks for the help by the way
  13. The XSetStandardProperties function has been superseded by XSetWMProperties.
  14. Sorry for the late answer but I have been busy with my kids I can confirm that window->takeownership work. I have changed my code to this and I can now create a new window and get the old window destroyed: if (window->KeyHit(Key::R)) { window->takeownership = true; if (window->style == Leadwerks::Window::FullScreen) { System::Print("Go Resizable"); window->Release(); window = Leadwerks::Window::Create("test", 0, 0, 1024, 768, Leadwerks::Window::Resizable); } else { System::Print("Go FullScreen"); window->Release(); windo
  15. I want to be able to toggle between diffren windows styles (FullScreen and Resizable). For all examples I have created I have used a new project and only added the if (window->KeyHit(Key::R)) block and I create the window in App::Start() with Leadwerks::Window::Create("test", 0, 0, 1024, 768, Leadwerks::Window::Resizable); Example one. I can toggle from windowed mode to full screen mode but not back to windowed mode with this code: bool App::Loop() { //Close the window to end the program if (window->Closed()) return false; //Press escape to end freelook mode
  16. I solved it with this little code change: window = Leadwerks::Window::Create("test", 0, 0, 1024, 768, Leadwerks::Window::Resizable); The key was setting the style argument of Window::Create() to Leadwerks::Window::Resizable. The Leadwerks C++ template code looks like this: Leadwerks::Window::Create("branch"); The style argument defaults to Leadwerks::Window::Titlebar and that does apparently not play nice with SetLayout in Linux but works well in Windows.
  17. Now the only difference between catalyst and the open source radeon drivers is the 3d acceleration, either run a proprietary binary opengl, or run mesa Gallium3D. All the rest of the stack downward from this point is opensource: same kernel module, same library. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMD-AMDGPU-Released Awesome!
  18. Why is this not high priority? When will it be high priority? Is there a workaround?
  19. So I have done a bunch of research for this. Some feedback. An update. Any of your new helpers that speak Xlib?
  20. Another good example is from the godot engine: https://github.com/okamstudio/godot/blob/a12c364489df586bf3cbb38f613c0615f88eaff1/platform/x11/os_x11.cpp So what are your thoughts about this problem Josh?
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