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  1. Then you should give us your model (both .blend and .mdl files) for testing
  2. Last problem is unrelated to exported itself. Leadwerks model viewer under Linux has this problem on most animated models and Josh knows about it.
  3. It seems like you have some non-latin symbols in material names. For example: "Grünerknopf". Current leadwerks file format is not supporting it.
  4. Here is the instruction. Plugin should be widely used and pass the review http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Doc/Process/Addons
  5. Tools/Expoters/Blender/io_scene_leadwerks.zip for example
  6. I believe applying location and scale is wrong way to do things. But it works, i know. .mdl file format is supports different values of location, rotation and scale for each submodel in hierarchy. My bug report is supposed to show conditions when correct .mdl file can be displayed wrongly in engine and it bug should be fixed to improve quality of engine
  7. Downloadable zip archive with plugin is not meant to be installed with automaic install from zip. Please read installation instructions: https://github.com/alrusdi/leadwerks-blender-exporter#installation When i started this work i hoped that exporter will be inside main Leadwerks distribution (correct installation and docs) but Josh is not interesting it. So we have what we have. If i will have free time i will create a separate site with documentation and sample content, but cant say when exactly it happens.
  8. No, it is not Linux related. Bug is reproduced with the same behavior on both Windows and Linux; both LE3.2 and LE3.4(beta). It is also the same beahvior with FBX->Leadwers and with Blender exporter->Leadwerks
  9. I can't manage it to be exported correctly from blender... Original .blend file is here I don't believe in local misconfiguration because i have the same results on 3 different machines with different OSs (Windows and Linux). Furthermore in final .mdl file everything seems ok, but not in editor. YouGroove can you please provide me your final .mdl file generated after conversion from fbx? Just want compare it with my variant
  10. Im trying to load into Leadwerks this .fbx model In external application (Blender) it looks like on image you cal also view it on sketchfab But in model editor bottom arrow is stretched Also in main editor this red arrow has strange scale values but in .mdl flle scale values on it model part is 1.0 1.0 1.0
  11. I'm happy to announce new version of Leadwerks Blender Exporter with important bugfixes. Please let me know if you still have any problems.
  12. Seems to be fixed for now. But it's no reason to export skined model without animation because Leadwerks is not exposes public API to manipulate bones at runtime
  13. I have some weird problems with Leadwerks itself on both Linux and Windows and it's very demotivated me to work on that problem. But with Josh's help i hope we will fix it very quickly.
  14. It is isuue about it in bugtracker https://github.com/alrusdi/leadwerks-blender-exporter/issues/1 Current workaround is to apply model transformations on each hierarchy level You can post sample file and i show you fix. I will work on.
  15. Well... Did you selected something on scene before export? Please provide your .blend file if so.
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