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  1. I'm sorry but that's just wrong. You can do this ever since 2.71 ( current stable is 2.76 ) Baking in general can be a hazzle to set up, this addon (no affiliation) https://cgcookiemarkets.com/all-products/baketool/ Makes it a breeze - I know a lot of people dont like the idea of paying for addons to free software, but unless your time is worthless it paying for it self
  2. Do check your mail Josh

    1. JMichael


      Not as often as I should.

  3. Bttzz.. wrong answer - only Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with UNITY desktop is supported. In time you will learn for your self - for now you just another "forum hero" on my ignore list
  4. To parapharase; "There are people getting shot in africa every day - you getting run over is not an issue..." Honestly I do not care how many ****ty ports you are running, the editor is a a state currently where it is almost but not quite usable. Worse it's impossible for the users to trust a software that will randomly lock up or corrupt the screen to the point were you have to close and just hope the your recent edits are saved.
  5. While he is annoying he has a point. Using the Linux editor is like using your TV remote with oven mitts on -your are technically using your TV but would it not be nice to actually be in charge of what your watching? If you not yet realised this then you will once your usage have become a bit more advanced
  6. If this is on linux what your seeing is to be expected, the bug will hopefully be fixed in the not too distant future
  7. Guppy

    GFWL :/

    Unfortunately this is the joy of DRM - you are entirely at the mercy of the provider to continue to support the product. I've no doubt that there will be a hack out soon that will allow you to at least play the game, but I believe that save game progress was stored server side? if so then that's lost
  8. oly the first two screenshots seem to be chaning?

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      So my workshop item is always last? :/

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      that looks like a cool camera script, good for cutscenes

    4. beo6
  9. if your moving the camera just 1 px I'd not worry about parallax - more likely rounding errors may mean you end up with 9 identical images. Another solution could be to move the camera closer and do X seperate frames that each fit inside the original view cone - if that makes sense.
  10. I don't see why your messing with camera projection and stitching ( unless you want to make panoramas ofcourse ) Have a look here; http://www.43rumors.com/ft5-e-m5-successor-has-sensor-shift-to-create-up-to-40-megapixel-images-on-the-fly/ Grabbing 9 screen shots shifted like in the above link should take 0.15s with a bit of extra time for post processing But maybe I'm missing something ?
  11. Krita 2.9 released with quite a few new features; https://krita.org/krita-2-9-the-kickstarter-release/

    1. YouGroove


      Lot of good things.

      "3d Texturing and Image Support" this is something i will test to see if it can be a great too to make tileable textures.

  12. This (free) program can help you make bump / normal / shine / etc maps from photos; http://awesomebump.besaba.com/ The latest version supports loading in you own mesh to display on / calculate from <3
  13. Guppy

    Linux laptop

    I'm in the marked for a work laptop to run linux on - the Dell M3800 seems like a nice choice except for some reason Dell Denmark has removed the option for linux when customizing it ( even though they still advertise Ubuntu 14.04 -.- ). So I figured I'd try and pick your collective brains, any of you run linux on a recent laptop or know of one that will run linux (ie nothing with obscure hardware that only has windows/mac drivers ). My requirements are 128GB SSD 12GB ram Must have some sort of docking station that can connect to 2xHDMI screens,2xUSB and wired ethernet.
  14. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/blog/138/entry-1288-pushing-complex-lua-tables-from-c/ In the article I do show how to use the function but it's quite easy; (this is from a now abandoned UI kit for Leadwerks C++/Lua ) luaInterface::luaInterface(LeadwerksUI* _gui):gui(_gui){ //ctor typeMap guiObj={ {"loadCore",new luaMemberFunction<luaInterface,&luaInterface::loadCore>(this)}, {"loadLayout",new luaMemberFunction<luaInterface,&luaInterface::loadLayout>(this)}, {"findWidget",new luaMemberFunction<luaInterface,&luaInterface::findWidget>(this)}, {"findWidgets",new luaMemberFunction<luaInterface,&luaInterface::findWidgets>(this)}, {"removeWidget",new luaMemberFunction<luaInterface,&luaInterface::removeWidget>(this)}, {"showMouse",new luaMemberFunction<luaInterface,&luaInterface::showMouse>(this)}, }; luaTable *table=new luaTable(guiObj); table->push(); Leadwerks::Interpreter::SetGlobal("myGUI"); delete table; } This binds member functions to an lua table giving a faux object in lua Breakdown; new luaMemberFunction<luaInterface,&luaInterface::loadCore>(this) luaInterface - class name &luaInterface::loadCore - member function note the format, it's important this pointer to the actual instance you want the member function to be called on - in this case it's "this" because I wanted it to call it's own member functions but it could be any instance of the given class. I thougth about posting the actual functions I used above but they honestly do not make much sense so I cooked up a new one to show you the ropes; int luaInterface::findWidget(lua_State *L){ //I used a single macro for these lines as you need to write them often, I can post if if you like int argc=Leadwerks::Interpreter::GetStackSize(); if ( argc != 1 ) { std::cerr << "Wrong argument count for findWidget" << std::endl; Leadwerks::Interpreter::PushBool(false); //Put a the bool value false on the stack to let the user know he screwed up return 1; //This lets lua know that we returned 1 argument } std::string parameter1= Leadwerks::Interpreter::ToString(1); //or ToBool, etc depending on what parameter you expect. Leadwerks::Interpreter::PushBool(true); /*Look at the source for Leadwerks to figure out what types you can push - you can even return a complex lua table as outlined above */ return 1; /*once again tell lua that how many parameters we returned if you get this wrong you get crashes or memory leaks*/ } int luaInterface::hideMouse(lua_State *L){ assertArgc(!= 0, "hideMouse") //the first 6 lines of the other function rolled into a nice discrete macro //We dont expect any parameters gui->showMouse(false); //you can call any member function of the object even setting variables for later use return 0; //Nor do we return anything - tell lua the stack is empty } It may seem a little daunting at first but once you get the hang of it it's quite easy
  15. It suggests that you either accidentally used uppercase for world (World) or that the variable "world" was not in scope.
  16. & (ampersand if you want to google it ) has 2 functions in C++ When used during declaration of a variable it means said variable is a reference - that is any change made to it is made to the original also; When used infront of an existing variable it takes the address of the object ( effectively turning it into a pointer )
  17. Guppy

    Droid planet

    Not sure why but I'm getting a "serious sam" vibe from that screenshot
  18. Guppy

    Shadow blinds?

    It appears that this is due to user error, specifically you apparently need more geometry between smooth shading and hard edges - more on this here http://www.svartberg.com/tutorials/article_normalmaps/normalmaps.html
  19. You cannot have non ASCII characters in the path - this according to the developer is a feature
  20. This is a non issue - you can expose C++ methods to lua, the engine does this each frame already - not at problem If you search the forums and blogs here at leadwerks.com you will find atleast 3 different methods of doing it. If you mean the server code then yeah properly better to keep that in C++, but gameplay logic as such is idealy suited for a high level language such as lua
  21. Adding enemies to Leadwerks comunity project 3: [Work in Progress] Shown in cycles renderer as I'm having a bit of an issue getting it imported correctly into Leadwerks
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