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  1. I am happy to look at any projects that have problems. Please send me a link to download.

    Not sure if a map or project will help - any time the water plane is not completely culled in release mode everything that is not water turns black - unless I show FPS (F11), debug mode works just fine.

  2. That's the opposite of what I want. There should be controls of how detailed the water plane is, just like in any other game. And I agree with YG control over whats reflected could be nice as well. With sharp reflections we can turn water into ice (by putting a transparent CSG over the water to stop buyouncy). Insta-ice. smile.png06480624F7DC2E9CE5E9E7B9026F651B1600EDEB


    While that looks lovely real ice looks noting like that - it is in fact a very uneven surface with lots of scattering ;)

  3. Been hearing alot about people getting sick due to the disconnect from your eyes telling you that you are moving but your *** telling you your not - are you seeing this effect?


    Seeing as apparently the problem apparently goes away if you got have a fixed frame in image ( like a cockpit ) I was wondering if perhaps a hud would also make the problem go away.


    I've no interest in the device if it's just an advanced vomit inducer in regards to FPS games ;)

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