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  1. As per subject. Steps to reproduce; Export model from blender Set up material Place model in scene to inspect Re-export the model observe that the placed model is now invisible with and has no material (but will still be rendered in when you run the game) Re adding the material to the placed model does noting, only deleting and replacing seems to work
  2. *shrug* I could only ever make it work by linking to the specific files included inside the leadworks dir
  3. It looks like the classical "model has been scaled in object mode" mistake - but then the file is not made in blender is it?
  4. There was source code for a theora (ogg vorbis) decoder floating around the forum a while back edit: found it; http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10460-letheora-by-niosop/page__hl__theora
  5. Should the aim not be to use the stable driver? For Ubuntu in particular installing beta drivers is an excellent way to make sure your system breaks on the next desktop update
  6. Not sure why one would fault GTK for being asynchronous - aren't all modern GUI API's multithreaded/event driven these days? Also setting a input and then immediately reading it is not a use case that would ever happen, and goes against the intended use because you'd spend a lot of time in idle wait polling a input box instead of simply subscribing to the event ( changed signal in gtk speak ). The simple truth is that any unfamiliar API is going to seem idiotic until you become familiar enough with it to use if comfortable - for instance I still curse every time I come across the Leadwerks input API. My solution here has been to do a hacky api wrapper to make it behave event style - this predictably is horribly unstable because I'm using it in an unintended way.
  7. Unless you *really* like it toasty I'm guessing that the readout is in *F rathern than *C. So for the non imperials - it reads -21*C which Is quite nippy for sure - Canada?
  8. I do believe the reason that this one went nuts is Matthew Inman, they guy is a modern King Midas
  9. You have to link against the Lua included with Leadwerks
  10. No - which is not much of a supprise as it seems to be a windows issue with 13.12 ( the "linux" google picks up on is from the page tree in the side bar )
  11. Both are fine editors but I find the reason you chose one over the other a bit whimsical - your prerogative of course But in gimp Window -> single window mode And depending on what you mean with the seamless texture gimp has auto seamless ( only really work with textures with no real pattern to them ) and offset x,y for manually making your textures seamless
  12. Blender went this route, but they have a paid team and (contrary to the kickstarter page's promise of " our team has a lot of experience with multi-platform development" ) Leadwerks does not. I've before suggested that He hire an experienced consultant to code the UI in GTK+ (or Qt, wx, etc ) a complete recode is not necessary - between glade and gtkbuilder a reworked UI should be done in no time flat and the consultant could focus on helping josh tie in the code bits that responds to the evens ( showing images/opengl contexts/altering states, etc ). ofcourse this rests on the silly notion that the editor components is written in C, C++, python or one of the myriad languages that actually have gtkbuilder bindings.
  13. Another video on the subject this time with voice added to hopefully get the point across that this bug is not Nvidia specific.
  14. Could you clarify please what that means? are these bugs not happening to you or are you just ignoring them? Edit; I see you've listed Windows 7 as among'st your OS'es - I assume your using the editor from there?
  15. Gimp and krita are free alternatives to Photoshop for the work you would need to do for textures
  16. Guppy

    Droid planet

    I can understand wanting paint to make it look better.. But would a robotic civilisation really care about estetics? And if so would they so closely resemble our own? Just some thing to ponder
  17. should stop posting when angry.. my politeness filter gets turned off :P

    1. Rick


      Don't sweat the small stuff is how I try to live these days.

    2. AnthonyPython


      eh, just a way to vent. nothing that bad

    3. Roland


      I just don't get mad anymore. Such a waist of energy that is. Sometimes I just get so tired of some things but that's all.


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  18. *My* attitude? I've been very calm and accepting of the myriad of bugs - even when the product is barely usable to me. I then point out (in response to your "that's news to me" remark ) that in the bug thread you merged that I no less than 3 times point out that I use AMD so it's properly not exclusive to nvidia. Hell the link you posted to nvidia jumps directly to a post by me stating that the issue is happing on AMD. I really don't believe it's out of line for me to suggest you've not read the bug report when you are surprised by it's contents. But so be it I'll go back to silently wishing that one day my 200$ Kickstarter investment will pay off. PS. Yougrove you publicly questioned why Linux users have not made a ruckus about the issues.. Are you still wondering?
  19. The very link in that nVidia post you made is of me reiterating that it's affecting AMD users, after you merged my bug report of the issue into the nvidia thread claiming it to be a nvidia issue... Maybe if you read the damn bug reports
  20. Guppy

    Doors ...?

    Mint is Ubuntu with a different desktop environment - everything else is the same (quite literaly they start with ubuntu 14.04, remove unity and add in a non retarded desktop ). However if you report a bug and it's no ubuntu 14.04 it gets rejected
  21. And what of AMD/ATI users ? remeber I've the exact same bug and I somehow doubt Nvidia will fix it for me
  22. For blender you most likely need to apply transforms in object mode.
  23. You have ofcourse applied the animation shader in le?
  24. Repeat these steps And tell me if it works as intended ( ie the the scene tab does not get drawn ontop of the really selected tab ) please tell us your system specifics ( GFX brand, driver & kernel version ). It would be valuable data for fixing it for the rest of us
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