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  1. Your basic premise is flawed ( as many companies have discovered, and decided to ignore ) - You want your end user to not be able to view the data[1] but be able to view the data[2]. In order to achive [2] you automatically open up for [1] - why? Well in order to decrypt your data for you application to present it your application needs the key - that means that your user have access to the key. And yes this may be out of scope of the average user, but though the magic of the internet all it takes is one user who can figure it out. if your worried about file altering being used for cheating, you could simply use the "streaming update" trick - basically you roll out updates on per file / data chunk basis form minor updates. This requires you to check the files /data chunks and submit their check sum to the server to see if an update is available. Anyone who has a bad checksum ( ie one that matches no version ) gets marked in the black list table. Every few weeks you go through the black list table and do a "ban wave" for breaking the EULA. The reason you wait a few weeks is to make sure you catch all offenders. Do note that this will be defeated in time as well (when people realize why they get banned) by intercepting your check sum calls and returning "proper" values - The trick to counter this is to update the exec to alter the offset often enough that it becomes too annoying for the cheat/bot author to keep publishing. But even this is a loosing battle ( just ask blizzard ) - the more people playing your game the more likely one of them will be more clever than you and beat you at the cheat anti-cheat battle. At this point you need to tell your lawyer to "go get them", see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MDY_Industries,_LLC_v._Blizzard_Entertainment,_Inc. The idea here being to hit the so hard nobody want's to risk it again
  2. I don't see how that would prevent spam - I mean I am allowed to post But I'll take your word for it
  3. Why is it that non "developers" cannot edit our profile? I realize it will properly change once I get my kickstarter reward and the account gets upgraded, it just seems a tad silly.
  4. As much as possible I would like for the editor to use system icon - by name rather than hard coded paths. The reason for this is that this would make the editor follow the system theme (gtk theme for windows/osx users I suppose) - so it doesn't end up with a different icon size than the rest of your desktop ( or gtk apps for windows/osx users )
  5. This belongs in off-topic I think but I cant start a topic there :| Anyway Triune is having a sale today on their gun SFX packs ( -50% ) http://triune-store.myshopify.com/collections/sound-effects In case you dont watch Filmriot here is the episode they did on the recording There is also a $5 indie pack http://triune-store.myshopify.com/collections/sound-effects/products/indie-gun-sfx-bundle Bit more limited selection - still it's very cheap for 3 different types of guns Note: I am in no way associated with Triune films - When they mentioned the discount I just thought of you guys.
  6. Does this include OUYA support and Blender integration? or do Those stretch goals have a different release date?
  7. And you base this on? From personal experience ( using linux for some 15 years now ) I've never had an issue with either nvidia or amd on linux - unless you count their drivers being binary only
  8. Thanks for the swift replies @tournamentdan There wouldn't really be any waste polygons as anything that is fully hidden would be removed during modeling @Josh Great, that will make things a bit easier - and 'collapse to single object' sounds like something the blender integration could do automatically
  9. With regards to modeling assert what is faster for the leadwerks engine - multiple meshes or a continous mesh ( with sligthly higher poly count ) ? A highly simplified example would be a "T" asset it could be moddled either as two separate "beams" or as 4 "connected boxes" Normally I'd not even consider the separate meshes a viable option constantly thinking "this need to be able to be unwound into gl_triangle_strip's but after watching (it's very long video relevant part is around 12 minutes in ) he basically builds a wooden bookcase type thing out of individual boards which is admittedly very fast - but every fiber of my being is screaming for a retopo. So which is it? ( kinda hoping it's just my dated knowledge of opengl showing and that the difference if any is neglible ) ps. I realize he is using a different engine and all, but the question is still relevant I think
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