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  1. From what I can tell above you don't need the font, but you can get it for free here; http://font.ubuntu.com/
  2. Guppy

    Water beta now available

    Thanks Olby! Sadly it didn't work so well
  3. Bumpetibump, this is still happening in latest beta only now it also happens when selecting anything \o/
  4. Guppy

    Water beta now available

    Cant for the life of me figure out how to add the water to a project - have a water shader and a whole pile of water normal maps.
  5. Guppy

    Water beta now available

    if you have a test map I can test it with AMD on Linux
  6. I use std::list<Camera*>::const_iterator camIter = world->cameras.begin(); while(camIter != world->cameras.end() ){ if ( (*camIter)->GetClassName() == "Camera" ){ camera=(*camIter); } camIter++; } if ( camera == NULL ) { // if the map did not provide a camera we create our own camera = Camera::Create(); camera->Move(0,2,-5); } In place of the create camera code in App.cpp ( after loading the map ). That last camera seems to be the one used, how ever there is no guarantee for this.
  7. Also every lightsource is a camera
  8. If you have an extra camera in the scene graph try to delete that - I know that has tripped me up
  9. Well it's beta, so some bugs are to be expected - they wont get fixed either unless they get reported. **Hint** As far as I can tell there are only me and DerRidda reporting bugs for linux (the rest of the linux users are either shy or not using ubuntu LTS ), and this is quite frankly this is an area I've not yet used.
  10. You are ofcourse usung the beta version?
  11. Guppy


    My first thought when I read this was to make multi level fountain model with the water effect, like this But if I read this update correct that will not be possible? Or can we attach the shader/effect to custom planes?
  12. Awesome free normalmap tool AwesomeBump

    (win/linux) sadly I cannot load textures on linux - anyone have more luck?
  13. Facepalm moment; spendt all nigth chasing down a "bug" that turned out to be a change to the fps player prefabs camera handling

  14. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10016-mapping-standards/ is about as close as you get I would recomend modeling a meter stick and using that to figure out the conversion ratio
  15. Google "mismatch detected for '_MSC_VER': value '1700' doesn't match value '1800'" yields 1000+ results the first of wich is; http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12398809/c-boost-filesystem-mismatch-detected-for-msc-ver-value-1700-doesnt The answer distills down to; "The library your attempting to link is compiled with a different version of Microsoft Visual C++ and thus cannot be used." Solution: Get the library compiled for the MSVC your using or compile it manually
  16. Sound like your asking for streaming terrain/maps - which wont really work with the current leadwerks map format I think ( you'd have to chunk up the map + model loading )
  17. If you bake your cycles materials/node setup then there is no difference to the blender internal
  18. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/world/worldupdate-r503 " World::Update This function updates a world. Physics, particle emitters, navigation, and various other tasks will be updated. This function should be called once in the App::Loop() function. " so yeah navigation (, particles and "various other tasks") IS dependent on physics as it stands, unless you've some secret 'turn off physics' function up your sleve
  19. Guppy

    Vision cone

    I realize that the radius is used for the bounding box, but given that it also limits the height/length of the cone. The function is named "GetEntityNeighborsViewCone" not "GetEntityNeighborsPieSlice" so I just figured giving it parameters describing the cone would make sence Optional parameters goes last as otherwise you cannot skip them ( tho maybe you can with lua ) My comment about concurrency does not imply having to rewrite it threadded, but rather than you can safe guard against changing circumstances such as for instance physics becoming multithreaded ( in that case if you checked the vision cone from a collision trigger the results would be unpredictable ) At any rate I did not mean to offend, you did how ever ask for optimizations - which I took to mean general feed back.
  20. will still fail if $STEAMROOT is one of .. ( optionally with /.. added ad-nauseum ) one or more spaces ~ and properly a host more readlink -m $STEAMROOT or realpath if available on the system side steps this issue by resolving the actual path first and then you can see if your someplace stupid like root, the root of your user dir ( ~ ) etc... not sure how to alert value to the problem tho
  21. You could stop calling world->update(), but then you will have to handle particles and navigation your self also, which I think with switching physic engine you would have to any way ( particle coliding with terrain, dynamic changes to nav mesh due to physics )..
  22. Guppy

    Vision cone

    Nice function, a little critique wrt the main function "GetEntityNeighborsViewCone(entity, raduis, scriptOnly, angle)" assuming that "angle" is the apex angle ( it the angle of the pointy bit of the cone ) and that "raduis" is not the radius of the cone but rather the radius of the circle of interest (ie the height of the cone) Might I suggest that it be changed to "GetEntityNeighborsViewCone(entity, angle, height, scriptOnly)" To keep the optional parameter at the end where it belongs and also keep the cone definition together. For "WorldGetEntitiesInAABBDoCallback" a cleaner solution would be to pass the global parameters as a table ( tables in lua are passed by reference always so changes to it will be reflected in the variable of the calling function ) using the "extra" field like so local extraParameters={ table={}, entity=entity, scriptOnly=scriptOnly } It just removes an error source in case you start using it for both players and mobs ( concurrency, interrupts, etc )
  23. This may be usefull towards that end; http://kayru.org/articles/dssdo/
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