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  1. I'm running arch, and I get this, then it crashes: " Failed to initialize sound device. Is OpenAL installed? " In the terminal: " ALSA lib dlmisc.c:252:(snd1_dlobj_cache_get) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib32/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_pulse.so AL lib: (EE) alsa_open_playback: Could not open playback device 'default': No such device or address Failed to initialize sound device. Is OpenAL installed? " Ubuntu is a horrible distribution, Arch users never have to run around trying to solve "package dependencies" or have to worry about downloading packages that are over a y
  2. Well, I've never had anything not work before, like Ryan Icculus said recently, 99% of the time you compile one binary and it works everywhere. He called it a non-issue and a myth. I've been distro hopping a bit lately, I just put Linux Mint Debian, based on the rolling release version of Debian on my laptop, still got Arch on the desktop, because my laptop was having some trouble with manjaro and need a distro i can install quickly. The thing about linux is, and its a big problem with ubuntu, is that if the package repositories aren't updated incredibly regularly, then the whole advan
  3. I know that leadwerks for linux is specifically aimed at ubuntu, but will it work with any other, non-debian based distros such as arch? I'm an arch linux user and it would be a real shame if it wasn't available, because arch has such a fantastic package manager, I don't have any problems with my steam games or any other programs, so I don't see why it would be a problem.
  4. Something fantastic that linux has is krita, i use this program for digital painting, and let me tell you, this program is absolutely amazing. http://krita.org , digital painting is its first priority, but it should work well for other things such as textures to, much better than gimp when appropriately Ok, Thomas wants to beat me down for my incorrect terminology and mistakes because I'm not an "uber-elite-linux-user" or whatever, the fact of the matter is that I know plenty of linux legends, including one who works on the kernal for cannonical who sits opposite me at my office, who ag
  5. I just spent an entire day farting about with dependencies in c++, worst of all, has been ImageMagick, I mean, plugging in the header files into my cpp has been an absolute nightmare, I've been reading forums and everything and even had my friend here, a computer science graduate with quite a bit of work experience now, help me with this. (i'm running linux) Now, this has been an absolute nightmare, so much so that I feel like never want to use c++ again. Will I have to worry about this kind of horror at all when I'm using leadwerks?
  6. Hi, I'm a linux developer, for an IDE I often use Geany, its very similar to Codeblocks, there is also 'cute' QT4, which is a good visual studio style c++ editor that lets you drag and drop ui elements and compile it to multiple platforms. What can linux offer you? The Good POSIX termial, mac also has this, it is the increadibly powerful terminal you can use to search through and administer your system, like concatonating your code and searching through it all at once, there are a variety of powerful terminal programs that can help you do things such as batch image resizing that a
  7. Ahoy me hearties! I'm a noob at programming, I have probably done about 40 hours of programming all up thus far, so I'm fairly comfortable using C++ until I make an absolute mess of everything and have to start a new project. . Anyway, I'm not going to be using Leadwerks until it is released for linux and I'm really trying hard to familiarize myself with the appropriate libraries, maths skills and general programming habits that will help me dive straight into the thick of Lead3 when I get my hands on it. Can you give me any recommendations as to what I should be learning? Ri
  8. I come from max/maya background, these days, I use blender, I've never used Ultimate Unwrap. Although blender is incredibly powerful and fully featured, it is often more difficult than other programs to use because so many of the options can only be accessed through hot keys. In terms of the smaller scale game dev community I do think blender is the best option, its open-source and free. I think blender is inevitably going to have to do something to help this problem it has with its user friendliness, whether that’s simplify the hotkey system, with something like the "space bar" me
  9. Well having an OS debate isn't really worthwhile, the point is that right now we are driving to a more and more multi-platform experiance, a lot of my friends are mac users, most gamers are windows users and the majority of the linux users I know are either corporate programmers or system admins who don't even need a gui to fully operate their computer. I always felt like the GNU/Linux operating system had something amazing about it and had the overwhelming feeling that it is where I belong, when I finally switched over I knew my intuition was right. - -- -- Moving on, here in Austral
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a kickstarter backer and a huge fan of linux, I come from Sydney, Australia. I immediately feel a sense of energy and togetherness emanating from the Leadwerk's community and I hope to make new friends here. The first thing I sense from Leadwerks (even though I haven't used it yet) is an level of attention to people who are not the best programmers and that's great for me, when I finally get leadwerks I'll have over 10 or so years in digitally artistic experience and half a year of programming experience at college. I've the better part of the past 10 years studying t
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