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  1. I like that idea ALOT, that is genious!
  2. Thanks for the replies, I tend to agree that throwing items away is kind of lame, it pissed me off in Fallout3. If I do take this approach then I will have to get the balance correct so it is not such of a problem. The trouble is that most RPG's are all about the loot, to me anyway, and I love killing stuff to get some rare items. I will impliment the inv to have different shapes and sizes for each item, because I can then always make them all 1x1 if it doesnt work as well with the game. Thanks again
  3. really nice style you have there!
  4. Oh one other thing, do you like all of your items together? E.g. swords, shields, potions and maps are all in the same grid/bag/list or do you like them split into categories?
  5. I need to finish my inventory code, but before I can do that I need to choose a style and stick with it to save having to start it again later down the line. From experience there are many different types of inventory and not all of them, in my opinion, work very well. I would appreciated it if you could tell me what you find the most fun. 1) Bags - Items have different shapes and sizes, you have to fit them in as best you can 2) Bags - Items have set slots, each item occupies one slot, some tpyes of items can stack. 3) List - Items appear in a list, space is unlimited, Items appear in order of power/strength 4) List - As above except there is a limit to how much you can carry, e.g. Fallout3 Ofc there are more types, but this is to give people and example. If you have any ideas then I would love to hear them. This is also closely linked to how I will store the data for the items and how I will handle equiping of weapons, items and other things. Are there any good approaches to equiping that people have really enjoyed? I need some inspiration. I don't like the WoW method. Gothic 2 worked well but it is quit outdated now, would be nice to have a nex gen approach that is similar. Anyway I'm open to ideas and suggestions! Cheers
  6. Excellent work, looks stunning.
  7. NoOdle

    Raycasting Cone

    you could also make it so that it counts how many successful picks it achieves, and this could be used to determine how much of an enemy/player is visible.. which in turn could trigger different ai methods, if they only see a bit, the enemy might want to sneak up to investigate before shooting
  8. Yea Void was kind enough to write a version for 2.27 for me... but its not what I meant, in Sin City it is black and white apart from select things that retain their bright powerful colour like red lips.
  9. It would be cool to have selective desaturation, that way you could achieve visuals like in the movies Sin City and The Spirit..
  10. Possibly in another program!
  11. I used a program called Deep Exploration, my university have it on some of their machines
  12. NoOdle

    50 Free Skies

    Those skies are awesome, and you have a starry skybox too, thank you so much
  13. NoOdle

    50 Free Skies

    Brilliant effort Gordon! I will have a look at these now
  14. cheers, ive already got the shader written, and the fugliest looking starbox ever, mspaint ftl!
  15. Hey guys, there are many programs to create day skyboxes with clouds, but are there any that can also do night ones? I'm in desperate need of a high res star skybox, no moon, no planets, just stars, but there are none anywhere on the net that I could find, and so I'm wondering if there is a program I can buy to make one? Many thanks
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