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  1. Hi, i'm working on ubuntu 15.04 with leadwerks 3.5 lua,c++ . on linux i can't activate Single ViewPort (i don't have an entry in View menu) and i can't resize a certain viewport . why is that ?
  2. i tried adding App.Lua it runs the script but i get black screen . i dont get any errors , just a black screen .
  3. ok i figured it out , i need first to create a prefab of the entity (entity complex) , then use Prefab:Load() .
  4. Hi im new to leadwerks sorry if this might sound so easy . i have leadwerks 3.5 c++,lua , i opened a new project and tried to create an entity using lua code , i mean i have two .cpp files (main,app) and then i have a main.lua file , i tried writing the code in this http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/api-reference/_/emitter/emittercreate-r618 link in the main.lua file before the line : while window:KeyDown(Key.Escape)==false do but it didn't work . i tried adding an emitter in the editor and was successful , i want to know how can you add entities using code and see them when you press run game in the editor .
  5. Hi, I just purcahsed the engine indie and standard edition . 1 - When i open a demo i get a message saying : this map is associated with an online tutorial . would you like to view this now? nothing happens no matter what i choose (yes/no) . 2 - if i go to menu->help->help contents f1 , also gives me nothing . i want to start learning how to do things , where can i get documentation and help. i'm using ubuntu 14.04 64bit .
  6. well if nobody knows , can someone please tell me who might know ?
  7. hi, sorry i missed the linux kickstarter, but i would like to have leadwerks , so if i purchased leadwerks now for windows do i get the linux version once released for free ?
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