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  1. Just contact us and we will send you the instructions. Thanks!
  2. In a few days we will start giving access to the beta! Thanks for your patience.
  3. We are proud to announce a version of noesisGUI compatible with Leadwerks 3.1. In the last weeks we have been working very hard to provide an integration of our GUI framework into Leadwerks. The result of this work if the following layer (still in beta phase): https://github.com/FourthQuarter/NoesisLeadwerksWrapper Kudos for Bryan for helping us a lot with this integration! EARLIER ADOPTERS SALE! 40% discount over regular prices until 16th May. With this discount, the Indie License can be acquired for $150! Contact us to benefit from this offer. NoesisGUI is our user interface framework built on hardware accelerated vector graphics. We offer a modern and elegant approach to the problem of user interface in realtime applications. No more static and outdated user interfaces. No more wasting of programming resources for the UI. Give your artist team the freedom they need to reach maximum creativity in a workflow based on XAML tools. The visual appearance and flexibility of NoesisGUI is of such high quality that once you start using it you won't go back. Main Features Vector Based: NoesisGUI uses vector primitives that are converted back to triangles in real time with a powerful GPU-assisted tessellation algorithm. This allows for resolution independent user interfaces with optimum quality. GPU accelerated: NoesisGUI uses a proprietary SVG rasterizer implemented 100% on the GPU using shaders. The result is a full hardware accelerated UI with an astounding antialiasing quality. Based on XAML: We use XAML files as source data for NoesisGUI. A wide subset of the XAML standard is supported allowing the use of Microsoft Expression Blend or any other editor to design the visual aspect of your UI. Multithreaded architecture: NoesisGUI has been designed from scratch to take full advantage of today's high-tech architectures in a scalable way. Our implementation fits perfectly with the Unity threading model. Animation: All properties found in NoesisGUI elements can be fully animated using a wide set of curves and transitions. Animate positions, colors, gradients, layers, etc. Do not put a limit to the creativity of your artist team. 3D projection: In NoesisGUI every item can be projected onto 3D. Achieve sophisticated visual effects thanks to this feature that integrates your UI into real 3D scenes. Check our examples to see this feature working. Skinning: The visual style of any NoesisGUI widget can be thoroughly customized thanks to an advanced skinning system that will lead you to the exact result you want for your application. Efficient workflow: In NoesisGUI each UI panel is an independent data resource that can be altered without touching any application code. This allows changing the visual aspect without writing a single line of code. That way your programmer and artist team can work in parallel avoiding bottlenecks between them. Native implementation: We know how important is to have an efficient UI that does not steal CPU cycles from your application. NoesisGUI is fully written in C++, exposing a highly optimized API that can be used from Unity in C#. You don’t need to be a C++ expert. Multiplatform: Windows (DirectX v9.0 for now), OS X, Linux, iOS and Android platforms fully supported. More platforms to come in future releases (DX11, Windows Phone, Web). Recommended XAML Editor Tools We recommend the following options for editing XAML: If you want to edit by hand the best tool is Kaxaml. We recommend the tutorials that come with our SDK. Many of those tutorials describe XAML that can be edited by hand and they are a good start to learn the possibilities of XAML. We also recommend reading WPF basic concepts in the MSDN. You can start doing great designs using a tool to import SVG like Inkscape. All Microsoft Visual Studio versions (Express included) come with a basic XAML Designer. It offers a solid support for building XAML in a visual manner. Microsoft Expression Blend is the most professional and robust option for editing XAML. It can be found: Stand alone available as a MSDN Subscriber Download in the Expression Studio 4 pack. It seems that this version of Blend is discontinued (although the trial is still available here) Integrated in the Professional/Ultimate versions of Microsoft Visual Studio (since VS 2012). A 2013 preview can be downloaded here. There is another version of Blend that generates XAML for Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 applications, and is available for free in Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8. There aren't many differences between the generated XAML for WinRT and WPF, so we will adapt our parser to support it very soon. Within the package you can find extensive documentation, including plenty of sample scenes and tutorials. For more information, please visit our forums in the website.
  4. Hi! I am one of the developers of NoesisGUI. We contacted with leadwerks in the past to integrate NoesisGUI and they found our product attractive although it seemed that GUI was not priority at that time (6 months ago). We are still interested in a integration and would like to offer our help. If anybody is interested in this we can provide licenses. Also, we offer trial versions for testing. Just let us know about you in our forums or directly by email. Thanks!
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