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  1. Sorry Josh, but I can't say this too. But I have found a workaround. When I start steam with the following command: MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.3COMPAT steam steam show the correct OpenGL Version under 'Help' -> 'System Information' and Leadwerks do a great job even with mesa 13.0.2.
  2. Hello together, I have the same problem with the open source mesa driver and my AMD R9 380. Of course the graphic card support OpenGL 4.5 (at the moment with Mesa 13.0.2 only OpenGL 4.3) and even Vulkan but I think Leadwerks check the wrong version string on linux. In mesa the OpenGL version string will always be version 3.0 but the OpenGL core profile version string which is the point of matter is version 4.3. So Leadwerks think the graphic card only support OpenGL 3.0 (what is wrong) and try to start the experimental OpenGL 3.0 fallback what doesn't work. The best solution is that Josh c
  3. Ahh ... this is the missing detail! Now it works. Thank you very much!
  4. I have downloaded the example from the "bug report" and tried it, but I have still the problem, if I use the PhysicsSetRotation line, nothing happens. If I use the SetRotation line it works, but there is the ball bug. In the example you use an fbx floor and need to add a brush physics shape, but in my project I already use brushes for the playground.
  5. Exactly, I tried your code but if I use the PhysicsSetRotation line, nothing happens. If I try the SetRotation line, it works, but there is still the bug with the ball.
  6. Hmm okay, this sounds bad. I will try your code tomorrow.
  7. I tried with "Swept collision" but the problem is still there. Here is my lua script: window = Window:GetCurrent() rotation = Vec3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0) rotationAngle = 8.0 pressAnyKey = false function Script:UpdateWorld() rotation = self.entity:GetRotation() --Time:Delay(1) if window:KeyDown(Key.W) and rotation.x < rotationAngle then pressAnyKey = true self.entity:Turn(1 * Time:GetSpeed(), 0, 0) elseif window:KeyDown(Key.S) and rotation.x > -rotationAngle then pressAnyKey = true self.entity:Turn(-1 * Time:GetSpeed(), 0, 0) else pressAnyKey = false end if window:KeyDown(Key.A) a
  8. Hello together, I'm still working on my "roll the ball" game and it's going forward, but now I have a problem with my ball. As long as the ball is rolling, everything works fine, but when the ball is reaching a corner or the playgound is absolutly straight, the collision detection and the physic calculation are going off. I don't use any script for my ball, just the following physic settings: Any ideas?
  9. This is exactly what I have done already. If I attached my lua script to the pivot, nothing rotates. Here is my lua script: function Script:UpdateWorld() self.entity:Turn(1 * Time:GetSpeed(), 0, 0, true) end Hehe, you are absolutely right. It is frustrating to not be able to do such a simple stuff. So did I found a bug in Leadwerks? Because I was too lazy for the UV mapping. This really works! I don't know why, but it works! Can you explain it to me?
  10. This was my first idea too and I saved it as a prefab, but unfortunately it doesn't work as expected.
  11. Hello together, is it possible to make a playground from primitives in just "one big object"? I have created a prefab and attached a lua script to rotate the playground, but unfortunately it only rotate one box.
  12. Buy the Leadwerks 3.1 Update ... check :-)

  13. New graphic card with OpenGL 4.2 but still PCIe 2.1 ... check

    1. Alex88


      Linux Mint with KDE ... check, ATI driver for Linux ... check, Code::Blocks 12.11 ... check, Blender 2.69 ... check, AudaCity 2.0.5 ... check, refresh my C++ skills ... check, I think Leadwerks 3.1 can come. ;-)

  14. Hey guys, I have a question about Leadwerks 3.1. Josh said Leadwerks 3.1 use under Linux an OpenGL 4 renderer so if I'm right, my graphic card with OpenGL 3.2 is too old and I need to buy a new one. Is that right?
  15. Weekend = Leadwerks time :-)

  16. Hello together, I am new here in the Leadwerks forum and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alex, I am 25 years old and I am from Germany. I started with game development in 2000 and I worked a long time with the 3D Game Studio from Conitec, but my biggest wish was always to develop computer games for Linux in Linux. So I tested the Blender game engine in the version 2.4x but it was not what I had imagined. In 2011 I started with Unity and at the beginning everything was great, but a few years later I don’t like the way Unity goes. I am a little idealist and I like open s
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