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  1. Thanks for the prompt response Josh. The gameplay takes place on a 2D foreground plane with a 3D background (reactive to scrolling, some animations). The idea is to convert an existing CoronaSDK prototype to Leadwerks (with enhancements) and then move on to more complex games that utilize more of the strengths of Leadwerks. ...lord knows I wish I was one of those who didn't need middleware. :-)
  2. Hi all - I'm looking for two examples of Leadwerks 3.0 content with some specific constraints. Goggle isn't returning anything, so I figured I'd ask here. (1) Are there any examples of 2D games (sideview scrollers) done with Leadwerks? Primarily interested in pixel-perfect rendering of 2D sprites (even better if there are also polygon backgrounds). (2) Are there any examples of building 2D jointed physics bodies in Leadwerks using Lua? 2D ragdolls and such... And having them behave as a ragdoll operating in a 2D space... Before Unity 3D's latest update, developers were using 2D Toolkit to get pixel perfect rendering of sprites. Just wondering if the Leadwerks solution would be to use pixel filtering on the texture and ensuring a strict size ratio between the mesh containing the sprite and the current screen resolution.
  3. Thanks for the tip about Shadertoy Shadmar. Sadly, Shadertoy often crashes my browser... :-) Also found this: http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPUGems/gpugems_ch16.html (figure 16.4) ...using a depth map to approximate scattering. Too diffuse for a ruby, emerald, diamond. But maybe a start?
  4. I did some searching around the forums and saw some nice shaders on display. I'm wondering, for the next 12 months, what the opengl capabilities of Leadwerks will be, and is there a resource for visually designing shaders, that works with the current version of Leadwerks? (e.g., http://www.vis.uni-stuttgart.de/glsldevil/) (http://wwwshadertoy.com) ...and is there a shader resource for copy/paste/modifing shaders? The project I'm planning for Leadwerks uses very bright, primary colors and very few game tokens. Think Bejeweled... I'm hoping I can embue the flat, rectangular surfaces of these game tokens with a gemlike sense, additionally a sense that they have gemlike interiors with faux refraction. I'd imagine multi-texturing could solve the problem. Perhaps multiple layers of textures. However I wonder if a shader is a better solution. Optimally I'd be hoping for something like a cube carved out of sample A, then colorized red, blue, green, etc. Failing that I'd go for B. Or perhaps C or D if their refraction/highlights were reactive to viewer position/angle. A http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-74820046/stock-photo-diamond-stone-on-black-space-beautiful-sparkling-diamond-on-a-light-reflective-surface-high.html?src=DhbbyzqIyRKwzlsn6tocVg-1-26 B http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-109026758/stock-photo-diamond-jewel-on-white-background.html?src=p-74820046-3 C http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-73481383/stock-vector-diamond-realistic-vector-illustration.html?src=p-74820046-4 D http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-130969427/stock-vector-vector-abstract-polygonal-background.html?src=DhbbyzqIyRKwzlsn6tocVg-1-2 Again, the game uses very few tokens, so the bang for the buck on getting these super-juicy looking would be worth it. As always, ANY ADVICE is helpful.
  5. Hey, does the license allow for SINGLE USER simultaneous installs on desktop and laptop - without having to go through activation/deactivation toggling...? I have a PC at work, but use a Macbook at home on the weekends...
  6. Thanks Aggror - reading it now! Hey, I just watched the tutorial on particle systems for 2.3 and still found it useful when I reviewed the more recent example code for v3.0, which was a bit more complex. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/emitter/emittercreate-r618
  7. Thanks Josh. I'm noticing that the other forums are protected and I can't download the user's guide PDF from Assets. Are these only for registered users of the full product?
  8. @Aggror - gotcha. So then the video listed above (Leadwerks 3 Tutorial #10) is the only Lua training video for v3.0? It appears all recent training vids are C++ with Lua script files hosted on Werkspace. If I'm correct, watching the C++ training and reviewing the appropriate Lua file would seem to be my best option...
  9. Codeape and YouGroove - thanks for the info! I saw the Leadwerks 3 Lua video from Aggror, that's what really hooked me. I then searched and found a bunch of other Lua vids from Aggror, but they were for v2.3. Do you know if these videos are still relevant, or are they too outdated? http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC272E30DD2883EC3 There is a lot of info in them.
  10. Hello all - new to the forums, and so a few ubernovice questions. I did a lot of Google searching, but I'm unsure of what information pertains to versions of Leadwerks prior to 3.0... Hoping a forum dweller might be able to help me sort it out. Sorry if I missed a FAQ somewhere. Background: I'm a game designer and gameplay content scripter, currently using Corona SDK (and hence, Lua). I've used Lua a few other times, primarily with support from a programming team working in C++ or Objective-C, and shooting me Lua scripts from time to time. This time I'm planning to work on a project solo - with a little support from a contract programmer. I am attracted to Leadwerks due to the comprehensive Lua scripting tutorials on the youtube and the web (albeit for Leadwerks v2.3). I just wanted to ask a few questions pertaining to Lua support and more recent Lua scripting documentation for Leadwerks v3.0 - can a complete game be created with Lua script? No C++ required? For all supported platforms? - are scripts still compiled into .luac (and are there any other obfuscation tools available?) - can I create and/or heavily modify first and third person controllers from Lua? (I will be creating a 'floating' first-person character that turns freely but 'snaps' to face in the direction of compass headings. - my enemies require pathfinding that uses floor, ceiling and walls. Is this possible with default pathfinding and navmeshes? And accessible from Lua? Thanks for any info that you folks can provide. Even better if you can point me to extensive Lua docs for v3.0!!! [edit] Are the old v2.3 Lua tutorials on youtube still relevant? They are very extensive!
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