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  1. Lua sandboxing, but I'm not sure how well this works with the engine though. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1224708/how-can-i-create-a-secure-lua-sandbox http://lua-users.org/wiki/SandBoxes
  2. What do games with realistic projectile physics (such as bullet drop, bullet travel time, ricochet, etc) use?
  3. Isn't that a cylinder shape though? What I mean is having a physic body collide with an animated character's body part, like their head or leg.
  4. How would you get the effect of physic collisions on animated characters?
  5. Would it be possible to emulate the effect somehow? I wanted to give guns a heat haze effect or use it for a flame thrower, but with other shaders conflicting, I'm wondering if a work around is possible.
  6. Do you know if anyone has successfully done this? From what I've read too its to do with the rendering pass, but I had the impression the problem existed before the framework.
  7. This is the problem I'm talking about I had hoped to use the heat haze more frequently, but I need a way to work around this problem.
  8. Is there a work around with getting the heat haze and water effects as multiple layers?
  9. Is this the same reason the heat refraction messes with water?How do other games get around the problem?
  10. Wanted to rotate the night sky to give the effect of the earths movement.
  11. After playing around with the command line it seems a .netmodule can also be created.
  12. What I mean is does the C# wrapper need to be compiled as a net dll, or can the source code be included into the game's solution?
  13. I thought that required a skybox not a skydome?
  14. Can the wrapper be embedded or compiled into the main exe?
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