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  1. Thanks, looks like that is the cause.
  2. It's on LE 3.0 as it is for Android. Looks like it's not an issue on latest version.
  3. Hi, I import a .fbx which contains two meshes (a terrain and a road). In the Editor, all looks fine, as shown here: When I Run the app, the road mesh is rotated somewhat as here: Then back in the Editor, all looks fine again. Not sure why this is happening. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks hgtnbay-0.0.0.fbx
  4. Running Arch Linux as well Don't think I'll ever run any other distro again, it is just fantastic.
  5. On the 3.1 Indie Edition for Steam I don't get any collisions (no collisions on both flat and sloped areas) although Show Physics indicates there should be at least collisions on the flat areas:
  6. Please find attached. Thanks Testcase.zip
  7. Hi, I imported a .fbx mesh originally created in Blender, and in Leadwerks created an accompanying .phy file (Polymesh), with collision set to Scene. Created a box with collision set to Prop. As per attached images: When I position the box over an area sparse with triangles, the collision works as expected: If I position the box over an area dense with triangles, the box falls through the mesh, and collision does not work at all: I initially could not understand why collision was sometimes working, sometimes not, and eventually could reproduce the problem consistently. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. +1 - Spline based road and river editor - Vegetation system with uniform wind force and character controller collision - Built in filters like erosion, perlin etc.
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