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Status Updates posted by SarperSoher

  1. I just purchased Shader Tool, they say the latest version has Leadwerks support, but I couldn't find how to export my shaders to Leadwerks, any help?

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    2. Einlander


      Have you been able to adapt one of their 3d shaders to work in leadwerks?

    3. SarperSoher


      Nope, the samples don't look the same with the Leadwerks node. Cartoon shading becomes a single color, unlit shader for example.

    4. Einlander


      The fur shader turns completely flat with the Leadwerks node. I'll have to make a post on their forum to find out how exactly it should be used.

  2. Can't wait for Leadwerks 3.1

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    2. Thomas


      "Even Microsoft is inconsistent."


      That made me laugh so hard.

      When aren't they?

    3. Flexman
    4. BLaBZ


      +1 for native UI, a great choice by leadwerks.

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