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  1. I think selection changes should be undoable. It's incredibly annoying to click on an empty space by mistake and lose a selection of 7-8 bsp brushes just to select them all again one by one by ctrl + click.
  2. I just purchased Shader Tool, they say the latest version has Leadwerks support, but I couldn't find how to export my shaders to Leadwerks, any help?

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    2. Einlander


      Have you been able to adapt one of their 3d shaders to work in leadwerks?

    3. SarperSoher


      Nope, the samples don't look the same with the Leadwerks node. Cartoon shading becomes a single color, unlit shader for example.

    4. Einlander


      The fur shader turns completely flat with the Leadwerks node. I'll have to make a post on their forum to find out how exactly it should be used.

  3. I would take a look at the Rigify plugin that comes with Blender.
  4. You can use the ones found in some other 3D engines you mentioned, that's an option
  5. And most importantly new version notifications.
  6. IMO Leadwerks Updater should also have: - Patch size in MBs - Current / average download speed - ETA to finish updating - A textbox showing the version history
  7. Wait, is there wacom pressure support in the terrain sculpting?
  8. Is it possible to expose my own functions, properties and classes to Leadwerks Lua?
  9. A new little tool to render only vertex colors and paint vertex colors. Incredibly useful for shaders utilizing vertex colors. If we have this, we can customize any surface with a suitable shader in place without generating extra drawcalls. For example a shader may use 4 vertex color channels to mask/blend 4 different textures, imagine painting moss on a brick wall, water/blood on any surface, mixing sand with stones etc.
  10. Josh, is there any form of draw call batching in the engine's current version? Also is there a way to get the number of draw calls for the current frame?
  11. I've pre-ordered the 3.1 version and didn't receive any emails. My client area still says this "Thank you for your order. Please follow the Leadwerks Company Blog for the release of Leadwerks 3.1.". Edit: It seems I had to "Upgrade" my 3.0 purchase with my purchased 3.1 pre-order as if it wasn't upgraded when I purchased it... *sigh* they will send me a new key in 1 business day, meaning Monday I guess.
  12. Well he says it will be offered as a DLC, I guess your question is answered.
  13. xNormal for meshes http://www.xnormal.net/1.aspx dDo and nDo for textures http://dev.quixel.se/ (The legacy versions are completely free)
  14. My guess would be Bloom with a threshold parameter. Anything below a certain value does not glow, thus you get the strong glow on the white surfaces, less glow as the surfaces get darker etc.
  15. http://www.blender.org/support/tutorials/
  16. Why not add a .blend importer to the engine instead? If blend files were converted to mdls by the editor automatically it would save the blender artists a ton of headache.
  17. The same error happened to me. I just created a new project in the latest stable version, in a non-saved map I created a camera and this error showed up and editor crashed. Tried it a second time, didn't occur again.
  18. I have been asking for it forever. There is patch notes on the Steam though.
  19. I use github, private repos are cheap and public repos are free. Both have a 100mb per file and 1gb per repo limit though.
  20. Also labeling would be great, we can assign multiple labels to an object. Think of some labels like "Explosive, Projectile, Dynamic" etc. And we can filter objects based on these labels in the scene tab.
  21. This is not a bug, you switch into the terrain mode, switch back to other modes from the left panel (Object, Face and Terrain modes)
  22. Better yet, make things droppable between items to put them into the same level of hierarchy.
  23. There is no way to increase the shadowmap resolution through the API right now. And the level set in the editor does not reflect in the runtime version.
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