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  1. A new little tool to render only vertex colors and paint vertex colors. Incredibly useful for shaders utilizing vertex colors. If we have this, we can customize any surface with a suitable shader in place without generating extra drawcalls.


    For example a shader may use 4 vertex color channels to mask/blend 4 different textures, imagine painting moss on a brick wall, water/blood on any surface, mixing sand with stones etc.

  2. I've pre-ordered the 3.1 version and didn't receive any emails. My client area still says this "Thank you for your order. Please follow the Leadwerks Company Blog for the release of Leadwerks 3.1.". mellow.png


    Edit: It seems I had to "Upgrade" my 3.0 purchase with my purchased 3.1 pre-order as if it wasn't upgraded when I purchased it... *sigh* they will send me a new key in 1 business day, meaning Monday I guess.

  3. How do you move the character? Are you using SetPhysicsPosition too or just Move? As far as I know, you have to set the physics position to the player's position too otherwise it's not updated and stays at the start position. Also I guess you would have to move your character in UpdatePhysics function.

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