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  1. F5 - Run in debug mode F6 - Run There are many more keyboard shortcuts, please take a look at the menu items above, all the shortcuts are written next to the items in those menus.
  2. Seems like there is no UV mapping on the cube.
  3. Ok the problem it seems is loaded prefabs do not run their Start function. That is where your Animation Manager is created. And in Draw function, script tries to access it and update it. So as it's not created in the first place, it returns a nil reference exception. That also explains why the enemies you drop into the map work and the ones you load do not. The ones you drop invoke their Start functions and create their animation managers successfully. I just made it so that before updating the animation manager in the Draw function, the script makes sure that it's not nil. If it's nil
  4. Just updated my project from the Project Manager with Lua template. No longer crashes.
  5. Is the animationmanager field assigned in the editor for the selected prefab? I guess you are trying to access the attached animation manager with "self" but it cannot find it as it return nil
  6. Can you also paste the 288. line of the mentioned script? The error log does not show which script it is, AnimationManager.lua I guess? And also the code block where you load the prefab please.
  7. Yeah like picking but not projecting into 3D space from screen space, just getting the pixel position of a 3D object. It turned out much simpler than I thought. Camera class has a function called Project which just does it.
  8. Upon further digging I found it http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/camera/cameraproject-r200
  9. I need an entity's screen space position, I guess I have to use the below function but don't know how to convert it using matrices. Would you guys like to help me out here? http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/transform/transformpoint-r543
  10. Same here, crashes as soon as it's run in both debug and release mode
  11. Another strange addition, shadow quality does not reflect the same in the built game, am I missing something there?
  12. I thought admin was you or you have multiple personality disorder Is the patch containing the fix released on Steam yet so we can confirm this?
  13. Yes but there are API commands for FOV and Camera range too. But they are in the editor camera settings also. Projection mode should be there too.
  14. Changing the FOV settings of a camera doesn't update it's gizmo in the editor. It's currently not possible to understand the frustum width of a Camera.
  15. Unless I'm missing something there is no option for setting a camera orthographic in the editor. This would be a nice simple way to set the cameras to it for people working on 2D and 2.5D games.
  16. I guess you should contact the Leadwerks support with your invoice number. Same happened to me, fixed in mere minutes.
  17. Download Blender and learn modelling http://www.blender.org/ Download Gimp and learn digital painting http://www.gimp.org/
  18. Is there any IRC channel with global chat with everyone in the room for Leadwerks anyone knows? If not maybe we should setup one. It would benefit people like me with quick questions about doing things in the engine and lua but too simple questions to litter the forum with. And would be faster to get replies.
  19. You need art assets. Textures, models and animations. Sounds and music also if you want. Models must be in FBX file format for that is the only format the engine currently supports. Textures can be any image format except a few. You just drag and drop these files into the leadwerks engine and it will automatically import them. Then you can create materials from the textures to assign them to brushes or models. Models can be dragged and dropped into the scene as soon as you import them.
  20. I don't know about brush limits or an entity cap but looking at the map root object, the biggest world you can go for now is 4096 units / meters.
  21. I'm also having some shadow bias issues. The selected shadow quality in the editor does not reflect in the built version. Is there anything in the API that let's us tweak shadow quality settings?
  22. Hmm strange, I just crate some walls with box brushes, select them in 3D perspective viewport, translate gizmo shows up, upon clicking down an axe and dragging, mouse moves but object does not change position. EDIT: My stupidity, my grid scale was huge and as brushes snap to the grid, it would take a looooot of dragging to move it to the next snap position!
  23. It is not a suggestion because no one would prefer to move only one object while multiple objects are selected and dragged. It's not a feature, it's a bug or a broken implementation.
  24. Very strangly it works upon pressing down Shift + Ctrl + Arrow keys, guessing this is a bug then?
  25. In all the text editors and IDEs CTRL + an arrow key moves the caret to the previous or next word. This is a huge time saver. ALT + up or down arrow key moves the caret to the next or previous declaration/definition. As a programmer I rarely use mouse while working on my code. It is much faster and more logical IMO. It's a bit disappointing that engine's script editor does not have these features. I think they should be the next addition to the script editor. (Maybe a dark theme after that, my eyes are bleeding )
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