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  1. I can't move multiple selected objects under another object. Only a single object moves. Moving every brush I created for a full level under a pivot for organizing the hierarchy one by one takes a lot of effort and not practical.
  2. The Translate gizmo doesn't work in the perspective viewport. Rotate and Scale works fine.
  3. Softimage is owned by Autodesk, a company which owns the FBX file format. It can import and export FBX files. http://softimage.wiki.softimage.com/xsidocs/import_export_xwalk4xsi_ImportingandExportingFBXFiles.htm
  4. Standing in the corner looking outside to the empty space near a wall confirms that it's not a GPU bottleneck. Either that or there is no culling, not even frustum culling which is unlikely.
  5. Lights don't cast shadows when their Cast Shadows mode is set to Dynamic. Strangely they do cast dynamic shadows in static mode.
  6. So it's more like a CPU bottleneck and we shouldn't worry much on the GPU side then?
  7. It bothers me to not to be able to re-select a mistakenly un-selected object with undo. I think changes on the selection should be added to the undo queue so a CTRL+Z would re-select my unselected selection
  8. Setting the 3D viewport camera rotation speed through the options of the editor, I set it to a value of my liking, like for 30. Upon switching projects the same 3D viewport rotation speed slows down to a crawl so I set it to a high value of like 150 (This behaves like 30) after I switch the project again now it becomes incredibly fast. It was there in 3.0 but still happens in 3.1. How to reproduce: -Set the camera rotation speed to any value you like -Open a different project from the project manager -Check the 3D viewport camera rotation speed -See it's different even though the v
  9. I also have concerns regarding #2 I'm getting a varying but low frames per second (10-40) on the integrated FPS demo level on the highest quality settings with no AA on an AMD HD5770 gpu. I wonder what will happen if it was a production long level and there were more particles, physics and post process effects. Loading times of the scene when the game runs is rather long too.
  10. I have pre-ordered Leadwerks 3.1 but haven't received my Steam key, what should I do now?
  11. Can't wait to get my key, congrats Leadwerks!
  12. Looks more like a draw order problem. Happens here too. Background renders after the foreground of the healthbar thus stays on top.
  13. Physics have a fixed timestep, they are not updated every frame. When framerate drops, physics update intervals increase, rigidbodies and other physics stuff gets updated less. Rigidbodies start to move erratically, collision events on moving rigidbodies do not happen correctly etc.
  14. Can't wait for Leadwerks 3.1

    1. Thomas


      "Even Microsoft is inconsistent."


      That made me laugh so hard.

      When aren't they?

    2. Flexman
    3. BLaBZ


      +1 for native UI, a great choice by leadwerks.

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  15. Graphical quality boils down to having good art assets and shaders. One can make the ugliest looking game even in Unreal Engine if one has no high quality assets and shaders. With deferred rendering, dynamic shadow maps, anisotropic texture filtering, post processing support, OpenGL 4.0 level shaders support, megatextured terrain amongst other things, Leadwerks 3.1 gives you a very good foundation to build a game on graphically in my opinion. Question is, how much time, experience and budget one has.
  16. Josh stated before that the trial will be updated to 3.1 once it's out
  17. Oh you misunderstand, I didn't ask you to duplicate how Unity does it. Since you thought we were asking you for plugins I wanted to clarify what we meant by asking for an API to develop our own tools. And it's always good to know what your competitors did and how they did it...
  18. This is how Unity does what I meant, please take a look when you are available http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Components/ExtendingTheEditor.html
  19. Thanks for pointing those out, can't wait for 3.1 now! Wish there was a roadmap though, I would love to read on these planned features from a single official source.
  20. Editor Realtime Render uses VSync regardless of it's state in the settings. Always locked at 60 FPS.
  21. Add a mesh with a dynamic shader and set it to cast dynamic shadows. Select it and set it's "Cast Shadows" option from the "appearance" tab to None or Static Set it back to dynamic. Shadows will never come back unless you delete and undo that mesh
  22. Here is a screenshot showing the dynamic shadow problem. All uses the same material. Ground and the pillar in the middle are BSP. Planes are mesh.
  23. I downloaded the latest update. The problem continues. I can see the dynamic light of the spot and point light in the editor but they have no effect when I save my scene and run the game, they disappear. BSP still does not cast any dynamic shadows. Another strange behaviour, spot and point lights don't have any effect on normal maps. As if normal maps don't use the light information, they don't change any direction based on the light angle. Again, I'm using all dynamic shaders, dynamic material, dynamic shadow casting bsp.
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