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  1. Textures are looking terrible at oblique angles right now. Especially geometry like ground and walls in corridors. Up to 16x Anisotropic Filtering would increase the visual quality of the textures a lot.
  2. Ah yes, the thread title is misleading, these suggestions are meant for any version in the 3.x line of updates.
  3. Perfect thanks, so do we get this bugfix with 3.1?
  4. Bug After moving a light, particle emitter, pivot or anything with a gizmo if user does an Undo operation, the movement operation is undone but the gizmo in any of the viewport doesn't get refreshed. It results in not being able to select the object by clicking on the gizmo because object and the gizmo are in different places. User can only select the object from the Scene view and the gizmo moves to the correct position only after that. Reproduce steps Open an empty scene Create a light, particle emitter or pivot Move the object in any of the viewports Undo Press space or an em
  5. I have spent some time today creating a list of features I would love to have in Leadwerks 3. I have a strong Unity engine background and most of the features I suggest here may sound familiar if you 've used it. Some of the features here would take a lot of effort to implement I know so please note that I did let my imagination run wild while writing some of those. So here are my suggestions assorted in different categories. Hope these help! Editor - Make it so that FPS mode in the 3D viewport only gets activated while the right mouse button is held down. That would free the Q W
  6. As a newcomer to Leadwerks engine I'm finding it hard to understand the technical features, known bugs and planned features. Right now I have to bug people asking a lot of questions and it's hard for other people and myself. It would be great to have a version histroy to see the added features with version numbers and fixed bugs. And a release notes info on either the forum, website or the updater. And finally a roadmap of planned features throughout the 2014 would rock. The bug reports forum section is not suited for this, a clean organized bullet list would be best. Even a text f
  7. Here is all the files I use + the scene attached as a rar file. Problems - Spot and point lights do not effect the material at all in dynamic mode. - Directional light effects the scene but bsp does not cast dynamic shadows. - When a model is put into the scene, model cast dynamic shadows but again this dynamic shadow only gets effected by a directional light. - Model casts the shadow even when there is no directional light. If there is no light in the scene, what produces this shadow? Please let me know if you require anything further. Thanks!
  8. For some reason only directional lights effect the scene dynamically, spot and points lights only effect the static lightmap. Is this due to the shader not supporting those light types? I'm using the default dynamic shaders.
  9. Geometry created with CSG does not support dynamic lighting. It would be really useful if we could export our bsp maps as meshes and import them back into the engine as mdl's so we can use dynamic lighting and all the other goodies that come with it like normal mapping, specular mapping etc.
  10. Hi, I'm a long time Blitz3D and Unity developer. I just purchased the Leadwerks 3 for Windows. I've been testing the trial version for some time now and I liked what I saw. Also I had no problems with the trial version at all. I uninstalled the trial, downloaded the updater, did a clean install. But I'm having a ton of problems building a clean project or the Darkness Awaits project. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. 1) I installed the engine in "D:\Applications\Leadwerks" path initially. This caused the Darkness Awaits not to compile at all because the li
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