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  1. Hello sh4dow, and welcome to the forums The NORMAL-ORIENTED HEMISPHERE method is basically what everyone is doing, when normals are considered in AO calculation. Nvidia and DICE's HBAO, LE's SSDO, my SSAO, Crysis2's SSAO and many other implementations are using this method. The main difference between these implementations are: 1- sampling kernel 2- blur steps 3- calculating occlusion for sampled points This method is also used for calculating PRT data, though it is an offline process.
  2. I think in 5 years gamers will use consoles, as they've used them for over 20 years.
  3. Check out my new online portfolio: http://lordhippo.com

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    2. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      Very interesting

    3. SmellyCat


      you've got some nice stuff in there!

    4. LordHippo


      @gordonramp: that's actually what comes to mind in the first place, but I'm afraid it's going to be more complicated than that!

      @others: thanks for feedback :)

  4. Mirrors Edge uses a completely static lighting, according to the DICE's presentations. They claim to use a realtime GI in BF3, but I couldn't find a way to test it myself. Maybe unreal4 can do GI in realtime, but it's not out yet
  5. As far as I know, the only realtime GI that actually works, is the one that Crytek has implemented. There are some papers describing it, and you can find it in NVidia DirectX samples including source code and the papers. But this method is not being used in any real game, even in Crysis2. But maybe you can find a non-global solution for your specific problem.
  6. PS3 can render directly to the main memory :o

    1. JMK


      Isn't the memory shared?

    2. LordHippo


      No. But CPU and GPU can access other memories when required.

      The memory in X360 is shared.

  7. Nice work! The whole particle thing is going to be great. I really like it Hope to see the final thing myself and have a chance to play with it soon.
  8. I think this is the way LE does terrain texturing.
  9. Heading for RoboCup 2012 in Mexico City! Hope we'll be the champion this year ;)http://robocup2012.org/

    1. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      Good luck guys!

    2. Chris Vossen

      Chris Vossen

      How did it go?

    3. LordHippo


      it's still in progress! actually the matches have just begun, I'll keep you updated.

  10. There is a good talk about animation driven locomotion in GDC12. You can find it in the free section of gdcvault. But I think driving the character's position completely from animations is not a good idea. Cause you know sometimes artists and designers does not have the same interests
  11. Dear Esther is the most boring game I've played so far!

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    2. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      I enjoyed it but their isn't even a credible story to unfold, its deliberately written to not quite make sense (as per the authors own testimony).


      Beautiful level design though!

    3. Flexman


      I watched a video but never played it. I found Batman Arkham City the most boring game I played last year. Artwork and a drawer full of random game ideas thrown together doesn't make much of a compelling experience for me either. Filler, not thriller.

    4. Roland


      Isn't this misunderstood a bit. This is not a game, its a novel in 3D format if I got it right

  12. Loading 1 instance of all your models and textures is a good idea, only if you have no memory constrains. Also FreeEntity decreases instance count of that entity by one, and when the instance count reaches zero, the model will be freed completely. So the next time you load that model it will be loaded from the hdd. So your only way is to hide that instance. BTW, you only can load a model or texture in the main thread. You can load one instance of all your models in the loading of your scene, then load any instances you want each frame. But it has no obvious benefit over loading them all at once.
  13. Cubemaps can be rendered in realtime. I remember someone posted a sample about it. As I've mentioned, you need a low-res cubemap to get a glossy look. So just simply render a low-res cubemap, something like 32*32 and assign to your glossy mat.
  14. Many developers are using assembly in their game engines' code. But it's not "100 times" faster or anything near that. But it's a must to get some parts of the engine done.
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