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  1. You're getting confused between the EU and the Eurozone.
  2. Obviously I don't know anything about your condition (as you provided no information), but given you're still healthy wouldn't the wise thing be to wait it out? I've known several people go through the NHS from different areas of the country, and if something is genuinely bad they're never just left on a waiting list. The waiting lists will have spaces in for emergency procedures and such, so if your condition was to change you would be taken care of. Two years is frankly absurd, there is definitely room to fight this before you go up rooting your life for six months.
  3. This should be added as a customer testimonial on the Leadwerks site...
  4. Ah, and there was me taking all the time in the world to get a pack together as the store wasn't even open yet...
  5. Could the asset store only allow you to rate items when you have bought and downloaded them? Ratings lose all credibility when anyone can rate them.

  6. Working on a model pack for the asset store

    1. Road Kill Kenny
    2. gamecreator


      Awesome. What types of models?

    3. Jordan


      40+ props and buildings for a construction yard or similar scene, but most of the models would have use beyond that

  7. If the first time you learn of real events is through The Onion, I'd be very worried.
  8. Jordan

    Logo vote

    Would you not rather have some colour? Something like so:
  9. Jordan

    Logo vote

    this looks quite nice, but i really dont like two different font sizes. I think 1st, unless the 2nd was remade with the same font size, then perhaps it would look best. What I think is most important is that the logo stops changing, must be difficult to build up a brand image with a logo that changes as often as the LE one has.
  10. Jordan


    That was me
  11. Jordan

    Kabul Street

    Looks perfect to me
  12. Jordan


    I like your new avatar, cute dog.
  13. It's great to see so many Leadwerks users making and releasing their own tools as of recently
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