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  1. I think my first game is going to be a Slender clone, I made one of these a couple of years ago with Unity and imo they are pretty fun to do. Thanks for the welcome into the community guys!
  2. I will definitely do that (create smaller games first). Have any thoughts on what a good first couple of games could be?
  3. Forgive me, I am ignorant, but is it possible to create the game with LUA and then have the multiplayer components run on C++? I also found this posted by someone else, know anything about it? Thread: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/12012-a-few-questions-about-leadwerks-game-engine/page__hl__multiplayer
  4. I wouldn't call it an MMO because that's really not what it is. It's multiplayer but the plan is for people to be able to host their own servers with about a 60 player cap. Anyways, I will look into this FlowGUI thing in the future, so thanks. I'm going ahead and learning LUA anyways, because it's always good to learn right? Even if I don't end up using LE I would like to know it.
  5. LSRP has around 500 players online at all times. Arma 2 Island Life servers have anywhere from 0-60 at most. As far as player count goes per server there wouldn't be more than 60 at most in a server. What do you mean by this? Could I not use the Steam API and still code my game in Lua? I'm not sure how big the worlds I intend to make are....not too big I suppose. as expected. So, do you recommend Leadwerks for a roleplaying game? I intend to create most of the game before attempting to implement multiplayer, could that be a problem? EDIT: I checked out what I am assuming is your game, Crime Closer. That is the sort of style I am going to be going for with mine, except with what I am assuming would be more of an emphasis on roleplay. What sort of challenges have you faced with developing Crime Closer?
  6. Hey guys, I've owned Leadwerks for over a year now, and have only clocked about 2 hours in..:/ I've decided to actually start a project now, but first thing is first, is Leadwerks the right engine for my idea? The Idea: Roleplaying Gaming If anyone has ever played Arma Life or LSRP, that is what kinda what I am looking to do. In the end I would like for it to be multiplayer, but I don't want to get "too big for my britches" early on in development before I figure out what developing this is going to be like. I plan to have a lot of the information stored in arrays, as I am very familiar with Arma 2 Island Life mission files this is similar to how it is done there. A lot of the roleplay will be done via text (chat) between players very much like LSRP. I'm just wondering, is it viable to use Leadwerks to create a RPG Multiplayer game similar to LSRP and Arma 2 Life? I have very little coding experience (.sqf is what I am most familiar with) and plan to start binging on LUA tutorials soon to get myself up to date with it. I would appreciate any replies, Thanks, Talamander
  7. I can't even use this program because of this, every time I load up the introduction and try moving the light this happens.
  8. This gentlemen, is the list of questions I have before I buy. I do not know coding, I feel like it will be easier to pick this up and learn by watching tutorials and other various things. Your thoughts? Is procedurally generated words possible in something like this? I want to make a survival game, could I make it work in something like this? Have there been any multiplayer games made with this program yet? What is the best game made with this program?
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