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  1. Yeah the free content available from students isn't really a viable option in my opinion either. I've donated character assets to particular open source projects from time to time usually when I am between jobs and wanting to be productive through waiting on clients to get back to me and yes it's not cheap, something many people don't comprehend before they try to hire a character artist haha. The same goes for animations, people see mixamo and expect to pay pennies for custom animations lately. I look forward to seeing this chaarcter with a texture map and in the engine. ~ Patrick.
  2. Nice work. I didn't publish my character assets directly to Leadwerks simply due to the licensing I was told about by another artist wanting to make some assets for the community here, at least as workshop items, instead I just gave them away to developers in general outside of this specific community, it's nice to see something being made for the users though... You should probably get some training content worked up more than 3d content as I've always said, knowing what to do with the content is more of an issue than getting content to use. I think I said that almost two years ago...
  3. Patrick


    Sorry I haven't updated soon... I made some of the models already just haven't finished everything on the list, I also have yet to texture any of them, but I am working on getting these finished in my free time which is somewhat sparse as of late. None the less, I am still working on them
  4. Patrick


    I will work on these as soon as I can, there are a few things that I need to finish up before I can help you with this, but I can model out the weapons and shield pretty fast, the textures will take a little fiddling around with Substance Designer and as for the hands, I will probably hold off on making something like those for a little while, they would take a bit more time than everything else there...
  5. Patrick


    I'll make you an offer... Compile a reasonable list, gather some visual references per listed item and I will work on making the medieval weapon set and upload them for free to use with commercial rights... It will be a nice chance to play with Substance Designer a little more. First I'd work on modelling each item, then unwrapping and texturing in phases. I'm not sure how many weapon models you'd be looking for, it might not be something I can complete all in one go but I'd be happy to devote some time into getting it done and ready for everyone. I did have a set but I can't seem
  6. I like this, I have been doing similar things with the generation of dungeons/levels. (but only the level layout generation related things) My code broke though and I was having a hard time fixing it so I stepped back for a while to gather my thoughts to approach things a little differently. Your project will be one that I keep my eyes on, I am intrigued by Roguelikes in general! I hope that you manage to pull this off
  7. It's a real shame that I missed this conference, I hope that you host another one. I should be able to attend that one!
  8. Well if someone can't make it, I'd like to step into their place... As mentioned above though there are already eleven in total listed on there :\
  9. This is a great start!! Keep this up and you'll have a beastly portfolio in no time ()
  10. I believe that what I mentioned would truly help more people get things developed and out there... Giving systems already developed to allow people to tweak will surely get a few games out there but this is worth mentioning and I am sure you know the saying "give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime" if you were to make more tutorial content and learning resources, more quality games would be created and less of a general standard type of game with tweaked base scripts and stuff. That's the problem that FPSC has. More content to
  11. Finally got to updating to Standard Edition! Even though I haven't showcased my llittle works I've done with Indie Edition haha...

  12. I feel like content is only half of the battle, most people can obtain or make the content as you mentioned its not that hard to get your hands on, half of the people who grab or pay for art are usually capable of performing basic texture edits to make it seemingly match up in some cases too, but more than that I feel like people need some more articles and or videos on how to use the engine itself, and from that you will likely see people taking what they learn and getting really creative and then more user creations would likely crop up. There is already a really nice set of videos float
  13. I love that reply. LOL I was actually working on a turret before I went to bed last night... I saw that Agrror made a tutorial on Turret AI and didn't have a turret model to use :'( http://youtu.be/5ROS4yJSPPU?t=8m16s A link to the general look of the model so far, nothing special yet but it will work as a decent placeholder once finished. I will try and get some more time in on it tonight and wrap it up tomorrow with a texture, if I can make the time to do that
  14. That's pretty awesome!! The screenshot instantly reminded me of those puzzles from the old school tomb raider games and similar titles. I'm sure many people would be interested, I know I am Regards, Patrick.
  15. This is why the character artists get the work contracts for more than just a single character though, they're more so paid for their style and attention to detail than anything so when making characters for portfolio work it's to stand out and not go with something that would be specifically for general purpose use or that would realistically function, so long as it can animate. I get your point of view though, but as an artist and not a game developer they're trying to stand out, and as you've said it would work really well in a world where the characters were developed by the same artist or
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