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  1. Its maybe fine that you could create some kind of prototype but you posted your project here and I told you critical what is wrong with your WIP post. ok maybe some kind of cynical. I don't think that I´m the only one who cant` call your project "awesome", "fancy" or "fancy awesome" because its simple not. There are many WIP they are awesome because they addict you. they don't have to be finished but they looks interesting. sometimes its the graphic or the gameplay. sometimes other stuff that makes a WIP cool. In your case I can't see a WIP not even a prototype its just a "play around" and I told you why. You can't "sell" us a WIP with default scripts they are included in Leadwerks and hope that you earn the best critic here for your >awesome< work. I have to say that my post was not rude. the car is weird (not in a emotional way about the project) its weird because it haves a strange behavior. I also said that the enemies are dumb so. its true. they just run to the player. technically its just a "dumb" navmesh "AI" they ask for player position and runs from A to player position. so i quote myself "and some dumb navmesh enemies". So the enemy behavior is "dumb". && m(&& m( I don't expect that people are superpros here but if someone throws a "WIP" in here he have to live with it why some guys give negative critic.
  2. I see nothing new that would be interesting in the video. I just see a weird car. Some weapons and some dumb navmesh enemies. Environment is too dark. So it looks like a normal le game
  3. if you need it just as a 2D texture use Adobe Photoshop (e.g. for a skybox). If you have a 3D sphere you have to write a shader to render this + the textures.
  4. josh u kidding right? why u delete my posts? also in the forum?

  5. mixamo animations are not free. the free ones are useless. you also have to pay for the rigging later
  6. DudeAwesome

    Mac version?

    any plans for osx update this year?
  7. DudeAwesome


    Apple can hype a coding language. While Microsoft would just fail with something like that. The playground is nice in Swift.
  8. I prefer macbook air or macbook (pro)
  9. leadwerks progress will every be your task josh. when you say that the community should create some stuff give them the plugin system. they want the plugin system because they cant wait anymore to get those things they WANT. Uploading models/scripts or other asset stuff is just something to play around with. the quality is not the best of community created content and thats why I dont use them, I better pay for those things like models etc. its not just "theoretical" possible, its possible and this is also how the download section works here. just take a look into the people who are active (pros) on the forums. the leadwerks hools.they are the hard core of people that have survived the leadwerks nightmares. sure they want help you and like leadwerks. but when you dont feed them, they will search for other food and food is cheap today.
  10. Dont just say no guys its not right. 2D Games dont just mean u need 2D textures and draw them on the screen. You can forget about that technique with drawing textures all the time its more easy. you can do 2D Games very well in leadwerks but it depends on what u wanna do. Games like angry birds or Crazy machines are easy. just create your Level in 3D and use the orthogonal view of the Camera with: Camera::Orthographic: flat 2D rendering. You can do some nice things with it Think out of the Box
  11. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/539-tree-of-madness/
  12. every product have must haves and nice to haves and also special things that make the product unique. before a product down own the must haves I dont would waste my time to other things. the whole steam subscribe stuff is nice but not important for me and I would categorize it to the "special" stuff. Its not really important and a gamedev could live without for now. I mean a car with 3 tires dont need the best engine and some super sound system. its maybe the best car when I look on it but when I want to take a ride I see, damn it just have 3 tires. lol. IMHO: I dont want and need models or other stuff from other users. Even as a small dev group there are other solutions. I rate the dev time into steamworkshops as timewasting same as the steamworks stuff and the steam controller stuff. we could have other stuff for this. that the users want - for months or even years. just MO
  13. This is not a reason for me. When its so different it should be a reason to separate Forum and docu.
  14. There should be a General separation between LE versions and the Forum categories. It should increase the overview for all LE Users. It is also an indicator how much the versions are in use. I also cant understand (I dont own lower LE versions than 3.1) why there is no documentation for older versions available public here.
  15. the most important feed is not available. the documentation/command reference.
  16. ouch: watchdogs only with 30fps @900p/792p on ps4 and x1 :D

  17. an answer to your question http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/7130-support-for-decals/#entry65255
  18. i like the function syntax from objc.
  19. Terrain:Create($RAWfile) u know what I mean
  20. How to get access to the Beta ?
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