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  1. Qbound

    Unified Network Code

    normally you reduce the rotation on the axis down to an int 1Byte. Nearly no one can see the difference between rotating on 4 Byte or 1 Byte. if 255 degrees is to less for you then use a unsigned short with 2 Bytes. But do not waste bandwidth. often it is more reduced by only sending the 'relevant' axis like y. Or somtimes it is a pattern what you want to send. small 1 axis int, again, again, and then a full float 3 axis, small, small, small, big i think you got the point.
  2. wishes you a merry christmas :)

  3. Qbound

    3.4 Recap and Beyond

    i think that will be a lot better make a poll?
  4. Qbound

    3.4 Recap and Beyond

    I like it but where do i find it? (without knowing that url?) if i do the search with the combobox up right there i only get a result a lot different. just try it out enter model into the field and hit search...
  5. Qbound

    3.4 Recap and Beyond

    you can improve your search. I hate it to think about where may be i find some usefull informations... hmm. forum or website (what s ment by website?) KISS keep it simple stupid... not only one tool to rule the world please add one search algo to find any kind of information at any place (forum, tutorial, docs etc...) that will help a lot from my point of view
  6. i use the ms ergo keyboard with the ms mouse. i use it a couple of hours per day and have to change batteries once per year. Next i have a usb extension from the computer to the receiver for the keyboard an mouse so that they are dircetly glued under the bottomside of the desktop roughly 5 cm away from the keyboard and mouse. Always connected with no lag and problems with cellphones nearby. And i am a regularly gamer too
  7. Hey Rick, thanks for sharing your work cu Oliver
  8. Hi Jorn, your contribution to this comunity is outstanding. Therefore ignore those emails. You'll always find those naysayer's... even if you get an nobleprice for your tutorials cu Oliver
  9. the storyline is a little bit toooo straightforward i like your approach.
  10. Nice Job @YouGroove: i think you are right. And i gave up after ~6 hours of digging.
  11. Qbound

    GDC Prepping

    hmmm... germany isn't right around the corner... but i wish you best of all for the gdc.
  12. Qbound

    Day 877

    it should be shipped @ day 888 so you have 11 days to go
  13. i agree to lazlo.... 'undo' can be a monster
  14. Qbound

    Visual Studio

    2012 MS XP support will be discontinued in 2014
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