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  1. After I finished my demo, I gave it to my cat but he ignored it and used the litter box instead. Then I got to play a game called scoop the litter box. This is all Josh's fault. I want my money back, Leadwerks.
  2. I'm designing a surreal styled game that I've been working on since I was 9 years old... and I'm 34 now. So yeah. I've finally found my canvas in Leadwerks.
  3. Need to have: A cut-tool, an amazingly useful piece of an editor that is sorely missing.
  4. Well, that worked. I was able to remove the model from crashing the program and reopen it. Also I used your method of choosing to select just the object and then I exported it again. I left it the size it was and put it back into Leadwerks. I laughed outloud to see that my coffee cup is as big as a door. It also didn't keep the texture, but I'll look into that later. Baby steps.
  5. So here's the issue I'm having. I've just created my very first 3D model in Blender, a nice and shiny coffee cup. Well in the tutorial, the guy had me turn up the quality for rendering, and of course I followed the instructions not knowing what I was doing. What I ended up with was an absolutely gorgeous coffee cup with 82,050 polygons (because "Tris" = "Polys", right?). I'm learning now that 82,050 is a ridiculous amount. Well, I turned it into a .fbx file before I realized that, and dragged it into LE, and I immediately got the error message: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION, and LE crashe
  6. I'm not sure, it just says: Sorry, you don't have permission for that! [#10852] You do not have permission to download this file Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator But this worked. Brilliant.
  7. Hmm. Says I don't have permission to download the file, and all there is is music playing over a video that I'm not really following.
  8. I use Dropbox as explained in this thread, but maybe something else might work better for you.
  9. So let's say there's a street lamp model or something you've created with brushes. You place the light facing down, but if you look up, the inside of the light source isn't lit up like it would be in reality. Short of having another light turned around and facing up into it, is it possible to say that this face, or this brush, absolutely, wholeheartedly is white and 100% bright, no matter how other lights might affect it?
  10. It's okay man, I just got a different video card. Solved.
  11. First, it must be said that everyone should have their own Leadwerks license. So now that they do, how can you have a cloud shared between yourself in two different locations, or for two different people to work on the same project? Well, there's probably expensive and complicated services out there, but a simple one is Dropbox. The only problem is that Dropbox only comes with 2gb of space, and you probably need more than that to keep up with your game files and more. Dropbox has a feature built into it that says that if you can get people to sign up through your reference link, you
  12. Absolutely. I have no grand design plans for my first game, I wanted to do something totally cliché like escaping from a warehouse full of zombies or something. Nothing special. I just have a long way to go before I can realize something even that small. But I think I'm starting to realize that the trick is to NOT look at the big picture. It's like looking down while you're climbing a ladder twenty stories up. One rung at a time, one skill at a time.
  13. I gotta admit, that's some very uplifting words. The ocean I'm adrift in doesn't seem quite so big now, so thank you. You've all given me some ideas of which direction to go for the assets I'll need and the things I'll learn. The key is not to give up, and I WILL NOT.
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