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  1. You have skipped the very first line of the entire post. I am looking for people to learn with. So obviously my skill isnt great. I have not posted looking for skilled people to work with. I am looking for beginners. Now before posting a long post multi quoting several things in my post and telling me where to aim and everything. Spend a bit more time reading my post. I am PLENTY motivated. You have missed the entire point of this post. And your smug wink face is obnoxious and coming off as extremely arrogant. If you read correctly, in plain english I said slowly by surely we can make
  2. I am looking for another person or two to honestly, just freaking learn with. PLEASE email me or send me a friend on steam. drumwrist0123 I am currently learning LUA at a good pace and well if you dont know it or you dont know it either way. I just want to create and learn with some body. I am the most laid back dude you will ever meet, but if you feel like you might bail later on down the line please dont even hit me up. Ive already worked with a couple people that just bail, dont even have the decency to say something. Just up and go. I want to work around a schedule, and
  3. I love the community for this Game Engine. I will add you guys to steam, and hopefully we can get a schedule going and what not? Who knows!
  4. I'm struggling even with a buddy already, on learning LUA. He's busy I dont like bothering him, so the next best thing would be to learn with some one strictly on learning coding or to be taught. Any body up for the task or want to learn together?
  5. hi guys me and my buddy are working on a game which will be a survival horror and we have been trying to figure out how to attach a model of a flashlight to our fps controller so the arms/hands and flashlight are always shown and follow the camera
  6. So ive been modeling myself with my buddy Scroty but it does take some time to model yoru self and what not. Free models I want to use just to practice with and eventually make our own custom or buy model packs for commercial use. Leadwerks automaticly converts but what about 3ds files? http://tf3dm.com/ this website is awesome and its full of tree models and all that jazz!
  7. To buy or not to buy? I want to be able to create absolutely STUNNING landscapes, and be able to explore it in my project. The in game editor aint bad but, have you seen W.M? Is it worth it? Is it possible to export EVERYTHING youve created in W.M and then import it into Leadwerks? Trees, water and everything orrr, what? Before I purchase it I want to make a good decision. lol I dont want to spill the idea of my project but I will say this, its obviously going to be a huge open world. Hopefully the size of Chernarus in DayZ.
  8. Lots of questions~! haha I want to know mostly though if we can upgrade from indie to full version?
  9. Is C++ built it? Or is it only LUA built in? Whats the difference too though?
  10. Well hey man sounds cool! Send me a PM if you can! I will try to send you one first, I have issues maneuvering around this website and on all forum sites lol.
  11. So far, a team of two dudes who are trying very hard just to learn the basics of it all. I dont want any body elitist or whos going to want to be in charge. I need peeps who are laid back and willing to learn and teach as well. So far I am getting into the modeling and trying to just over all figure it all out. If you want to make some thing with some body else who is patient and just wants to learn hit me up. Honestly we just want to be able to lay out an enviornment and be able to have the models we import be part of something, and be able to be interacted with. Complicated stuff for som
  12. My buddy who I am working with is making models via cinema, and he bakes the texture and all that but when we import the model its completely white and untextured and just BASIC! How do we get textures to ....export and everyithg with the texture applied to it? Any help would GREATLY be appreciated.
  13. So far, I feel that the main thing is a more detailed editing and cutting tool. I would like to paint the terrain a bit more effeciently, Also! The capability to manipulate the poly's even for the squares and other shapes we can place. So far though i'm getting better with the engine and im learning lua coding by a book. I have a good idea on my game so who knows what can happen. I love this engine, SO much potential.
  14. How is everybody? Any body have a project they want to share?
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