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  1. Does the enterprise version include source code? Or is that no longer an option? Is this also a yearly license? I like the idea of a subscription. Granted it will cost me more overall, but I think it will allow for more updates to the engine. Would allow you to grow leadwerks better. I'm super excited about multi-threaded support. I know asset loading is a frustration section for me as it locks up the UI. I'm also super excited about the idea of plugins and open source support. As far as SharedPointers, will there be a backwards compatibility API for legacy code? My source is getting pretty large TBH, it would be difficult to replace everything to shared pointers that interacted with Leadwerks specifically. Which is why I haven't really adopted the Actor class as well.
  2. I assume you're wanting to do something like this?
  3. @Shadmar, would you like me to host the files on for you?
  4. I have a bug report on this. Original Bug Report Here is how I solve it. if (camMovementZ == 0 && camMovementX == 0) { camMovementZ = 0.001; // Not 0 but not enough to see camMovementX = 0.001; // Not 0 but not enough to see } this->playerModel->SetInput(cameraRotationY, camMovementZ, camMovementX);
  5. Has anyone heard anything new about this? I'm hoping to start a greenlight campaign for my game in June/July.
  6. @gamecreator I believe Josh just queries the Steam for who is currently logged in. I don't think Josh is then verifying that the logged in user, is really who Steam says they are. So anyone could potentially have an app running on the same local port as Steam does, that responds to the same calls, and fakes a logged in user. Without some sort of backend verification of tokens you can't really know if a user is who "Steam" says they are.
  7. A lot of the pages are missing CPP/LUA examples. API-Reference_Object_Asset_Material_SetPickMode API-Reference_Object_Asset_Shader_GetFloat API-Reference_Object_Color API-Reference_Object_Entity_Emitter Just to name a few.
  8. I guess Josh might be the only one who could answer the question. Does Steamworks work off of local socket requests to the local computer? Edit: I found some info. Apparently after getting a user's CSteamId you can verify its authenticity @Josh do you do this already? Or is this something I need to implement?
  9. So I use leadwerks's Steam library for pulling the user information for who is playing the game. I'm working on moving the player data from their local hard drive to pulling it down via a REST API. That way I can have high scores, and better persistence of data. How secure is it to rely on the information coming from steam? I'd like to eliminate the ability for users to have to register for my game to play it online. But is there a compromise to security for this ease of use? Can we trust that Leadwerks will tell us which Steam account is currently up accurately? How easy would this be to fake? Thanks, Marty
  10. Just dropping this here: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{SERVER_NAME} [OR] RewriteCond %{SERVER_NAME} RewriteRule ^ https://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [END,QSA,R=permanent]
  11. If will work in your browser, let's encrypt will. (No content on that page BTW)
  12. So in 'Murica land there is a big push to have HTTPS set for domain names since ISPs can now sell your data. I would like Leadwerks to have full support for HTTPS. How? Well, Let's Encrypt! 100% free. You can set it up to auto-renew.
  13. You could use a geometry shader with it. Allows you to change the verticies on the graphics card.
  14. This might help? I'm not really good with regular expressions though.
  15. Well you're re-writing the documentation so I just assumed, why re-invent the wheel twice.