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  1. Anyone else going to AWS re:Invent this week?

  2. martyj

    Leadwerks support PIE

    @klepto2 I keep getting an error while linking Leadwerks about adding -fPIE to the compiler. Adding this option doesn't fix the issue. I am using CMake for the project itself. How well does SWIG work with Leadwerks? Did you compile it off of the Leadwerks.h file, or each individual class such as Window, or Entity? Thanks
  3. martyj

    Leadwerks support PIE

    It would be helpful if we had a PIE version of leadwerks (DLL or .SO file) so that we can make our own DLL files referencing the Leadwerks.so file. I am trying to test out SWIG to add python, golang, and Java support. To this, I need to compile my library as a .so file. This can't be done, from my understanding, unless Leadwerks supports Position Independent Execution.
  4. Unfortunately I will have to miss this one. My cat dragged a baby bat into our house this morning so I need to take it to the wildlife rehabilitation center.
  5. martyj

    Using Docker to Compile

    I have been using docker a ton at work, so I decided to try to use it to compile leadwerks C++ projects with. I created this GIT repo https://github.com/martyj/Leadwerks4.0Docker If you move your C++ project into the project folder, and copy your leadwerks steam folder into Leadwerks you can compile a linux build of your game You can now compile Linux builds of your game on Windows. See "b" and "dr" bash files for how the container is built and ran in Linux, to tweek it for Windows. A simple volume mount change should do the trick. Let me know if there is something else you would like to see? Me personally, I plan on adding Windows compilation on Linux with this. Enjoy!
  6. martyj

    Compiling C++ on Linux

    Has anyone thought of using Docker to compile builds?
  7. martyj

    Beta Branch Updated

    Are you still in Ukraine?
  8. That's really awesome!
  9. martyj

    Clustered Forward Rendering

    Will there be an option to have Turbo out sooner for C++ folk?
  10. martyj

    What Makes a Good Brand Name?

    Can we upgrade turbo with NOS? Turbo = Lua Nos = C++?
  11. When will we see textured models in the LE5 demos?
  12. martyj

    Animation Tweening

    I found that in my game it doesn't make sense to render animations far away. A player can't notice it, and it saves CPU load. In fact, I even ignore my whole update loop if the entity is too far. Npcs don't need to be walking around, ect when they are far either. Maybe if entities had a similar dropdown of ViewRange for animations, Near, Far, Infinite, ect, Leadwerks engine as a whole can do this logic. I'd even love an option for UpdateRange. For example: Animating an NPC in my game doesn't make sense at 30 meters, but animating my Dragon makes sense to about 100 meters. For updating, NPCs don't need to walk around unless they are within 50 meters of a player, my dragon will need to update across the whole map. This would help with the bottleknecks of the PCI express bus as we won't be sending constant animation updates for every entity.
  13. martyj

    Animation Tweening

    I totally can't wait to run my game with LE5.
  14. martyj

    Building a Zero-Overhead Renderer

    Will this feature be released in Leadwerks 4.X or just in 5.0? If it's just in 5.0, will we get a Linux build soon?
  15. Here is a map as well grid1_smithing_shop.map