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    1. CangoJoe


      Seems there's a $7.99 shipping fee per the reviews that should be considered.

    2. reepblue


      I have one, and I don't use it as much. Doesn't help that the TV and PC are in the same room.

  1. Physics Units of Measurement

    Force = Mass * Acceleration. If you AddForce, you basically add an acceleration of Force/Mass. Newtons is the correct units for Force. The output should be in m/s^2. So (kg*m)/s^2 = Force. Divided by Mass (kg) You get (kg*m)/(s^2*kg) Equals m/s^2
  2. Making More Scalable

    If you hosted with AWS as well, you could clone the whole server image with the click of a button. AWS is expensive though IMO. I have my stuff hosted with Linode. 2 VMs. 1 for the websites, the other for the game server. If you really wanted to get crazy, you could setup hosting in two different data centers having your database replicated between them. Then if something goes down you can just switch DNS over to the 2nd data center.
  3. World::FindEntity returns NULL

    It is a CSG Box. Good to know this is why I cannot find it.
  4. World::FindEntity returns NULL

    The entity that cannot be found is a Box. The entity that can b e found is a Pivot I've updated my sample to reflect the topic. I wrote my own FindEntity function to try to see if there is a bug in the World's FindEntity. It just loops through the world entities calling World::GetEntity(n) and compares the name. Both my version and the LE version have the same problem, I'd imagine they are along the same lines of code.
  5. World::FindEntity returns NULL

    After deleting that entity it drops the count to 413. I wonder if the name isn't setting correctly.
  6. World::FindEntity returns NULL

    This returns 414
  7. Here is the list of entities in my world When I run the following code in Lua, it returns NULL local world = World:GetCurrent() CaveIn2_ATrappedMiner.boundingBox = world:FindEntity("EndAsdfgwg") if CaveIn2_ATrappedMiner.boundingBox == nil then System:Print("Null bounding box") return end When I run the following code it returns the Entity as expected CaveIn2_ATrappedMiner.rubble = world:FindEntity("Rubble") When I loop through all the entities and print their name, EndAsdfgwg isn't listed in the World Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
  8. Anyone know the link for pre-purchasing LE 5 subscription?

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    2. AggrorJorn


      See this blog: 


    3. AggrorJorn


      Or the actual link: 


    4. martyj


      Perfect. Thanks Aggror.

  9. Persistent World

    One thing to take note is that libcurl implementation with Leadwerks does not support HTTPS at the moment. Which means anyone running wireshark can see your traffic.
  10. Unicode in Leadwerks 5

    Are you wrapping your definitions in #extern "C"{ }? Would be cool to use something like Golang with Leadwerks. Performance might suck, but it would be worth a shot IMO.
  11. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    Any suggestions on how I can fix the rotation issue in this video?
  12. Does LeadWerks let you modify/update Lua?

    Does this mean we can have an animated loading screen now?
  13. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    Now just add an Entity follower for a Train.
  14. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    Purchased. It was really hard to find the item in the shop. Viewing the workshop only shows "curated" items, and not items to be purchased. You have to navigate to the Leadwerks steam Store page, then find the item on that.