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    Full Steam Ahead

    I really didn't expect that wouldn't use Leadwerks Standalone more that a year. I didn't bought any game engine's license. I bought a lesson, and that is don't trust companies that make proprietary software ever again. Because I, the user, will be always at the mercy of the developer, it can't be otherwise. Still a cheap lesson, $1 300 less than Unity 3D.
  2. danieru


    I think very much like Noshi, actually I don't use facebook too. **** that gigantic on-line "social networks" that are nothing more than enormous records with lots of info from the "user" (or should I said, from the "used") with knows god with what purpose! ((This is one of my thoughts on why I don't use facebook or similar (like Steam), and not necessarily what Noshi thinks (could sound obvious but I don't want you to think "oh, so this is also what Noshi and similar thinks")) LOL now this is Lisp) I don't like the Steam client because it's proprietary software. Now you may thinking "dude Leadwerks IT'S proprietary software. WTF are you doing here then?". First, a little of retrospective: I wanted to make simple 3D games using C++, but never make a game before. So I decided that I need an engine that provide an easy to use C++ API and an active, big and friendly community. I really tried to find free/libre/自由な engines with both, but I didn't find any at that moment. Then I thought "Well, it's just Leadwerks and the Nvidia driver that I'm already using and should be temporally. Not a big deal" and "When I earn enough experience I'll throw Leadwerks and try some of these free/libre/自由な engines on a free/libre/自由な system with no proprietary software". Thats why I bought Leadwerks, and precisely the Standalone. To avoid more third-party proprietary software like Steam. Another reason because I don't like Steam is because they impose Digital Restriction Management to all the games. But I could install a Steam client on my PC if it's free/libre/自由な and consider the Steam version if Josh don't write (or a staff) "only the proprietary one, please". But still if that happens, only means that I will consider the Steam version. I will not change my version because what I really bought was the standalone, and because what really bothers me is that looks like Josh decided that everyone should install and use Steam (you have to use it at least the first time and to upgrade), even if they bought the standalone because that was what they wanted. That also make me feel totally powerless because left me with only two "options": Respect more the developer's decision than yours or bye bye because the standalone don't even work. I really hope that my assumption "the standalone version was abandoned" is just that, an assumption. Like when I assumed the standalone wasn't going to be abandoned even when it looked like josh preferred Steam.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking, I mean. It can't be that the standalone loses support and upgrades with only 6 months purchased. I really want to use Leadwerks but only as standalone. So Josh please, take into account my decision of not to use Steam.
  4. Glad to know I'm not alone, but would be happy for now if the compile error is solved.
  5. I can't compile any project in C++ due to a log with a bunch of errors, all related to Steam. Full log: This is a recent bug because some time ago I could compile without seeing any of this errors.
  6. I just install the Steam client to see if do the trick, but it didn't, same 50 errors. Any ideas?
  7. So I reinstalled ubuntu to get rid of the Steam client, but now I'm getting an error when trying to compile the default C++ project. The log: I don't remember the Steam client was one of the system requirements, but could be wrong.
  8. I have an idea, I'll reinstall ubuntu to record a video showing how I have install Leadwerks. The problem should be there.
  9. It removes " undefined reference to symbol 'dlclose@@GLIBC_2.2.5' ", but still can't compile because of more errors. I have Leadwerks standalone and don't have the Steam client installed BTW.
  10. If I do that I get this errors, but don't know if it's related or should start a new thread.
  11. I'm having the same persisting problem on ubuntu 14.04 64-bits.
  12. I'm having this bug too, perhaps Josh should test Leadwerks in a spanish installation of ubuntu
  13. Since the editor has bugs in the Model Editor, the Material Editor and the Texture Editor (at least in GNU/Linux). It's hard for me to figure out how get my own models into leadwerks. So i was curios if i can import models with any other tool like blender and make a playable game with just the Leadwerks C++ api.
  14. I use QuiteRSS if i want to follow a blog, forum or even a youtube channel. It's not a game development RSS aggregator, but you can feed content into.
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