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  1. Off the top of my head I'd say: Cherno (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheChernoProject) TheBennyBox (https://www.youtube.com/user/thebennybox) One Lone Coder (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-yuWVUplUJZvieEligKBkA) There is probably a few more but I've pulled focus to each of these guys as they do graphics programming. Its a good opportunity for their followers to stumble upon Leadwerks 5 ?
  2. Reviews would be your best bet I'd say. Its an honest way to get feedback and some free exposure. You'll be giving others the opportunity to freely give their opinions on what they think (no shilling required). With the right people (and hopefully good reviews) that should carry enough weight to make this a reputable product and get the customers in
  3. Totally man, review videos would be pretty cool and would get the products name out there. Ah yeah my example wasn't the clearest. I was correlating with the fact that most people that watch that guy are programmers who have probably come across the same problems you described, so you'll be hitting the right audience I'm hoping to use it for my Master's project to make a small machine learning application ?
  4. Just spit-balling here ... I follow a guy on Youtube who has a pretty big following of software developers and graphics programmers. Right now he has a whole series on game engine programming and the solution he is using for developing his editor is ImGui. It may be worth contacting him and potentially doing a collaboration. This guy has a Discord with tons of professional and hobbyist application developers so you would be targeting the right audience and word of mouth would go a pretty long way (a lot of his users are also in the ImGui server). His name is Yan Chernikov (known as t
  5. Just backed this beast on Kickstarter, did the Developer pledge as I would absolutely love to get myself a licence. Looking forward to the first build!
  6. I am very keen to get my hands on this as there is a project I am currently working on that I am hoping to use this for. When this releases how is the library going to be delivered? Will we have a simple zipped folder with all the source/libs, etc?
  7. You had me at documentation. I used imgui for my engines editor (a project I developed through my dissertation that has turned into a small obsession of mine) and scraping the source code was always a tedious task. Plus this looks damn sexy, and those "other features" ohhh baby, got my loins burning. The moment my wallet gets a sniff of a penny you can consider this backed!
  8. @tjheldna this might be of interested to you. Since MODO 10 they added extra tools (vertex normal toolkit) that allows you to do exactly what I mentioned above. Might be worth a shot baking the results of the weighted normals into a normal map and using that inside Leadwerks so you get those nice edges you can see in Unity into Leadwerks.
  9. I would recommend looking at what weighted vertex normals are. You can achieve weighted vertex normals in pretty much any modelling package. As a quick explanation each vertex has a normal (some modelling programs give each face it's own smoothing group which ends up giving you triple the vertices you actually have (triple the normals too, remember every vertex has a normal), to stop this you can put every face of your model in one smoothing group). Weighted vertex normals basically uses the area (the area being referred to as the "weight") of a face to shift the normal of the vertex. Thi
  10. I cannot wait for LE5, very excited for it
  11. Edge Split modifier and Auto Smooth are pretty much the same thing which makes this really confusing haha. There is two differences though between Auto Smooth and Edge Split and that is that the data from the Edge Split modifier is available for you which can help when you want to write things like custom export scripts to use for game engines (just like the Blender Exporter for Leadwerks). Auto Smooth is just a preview option within the viewport in Blender it doesn't actually split the vertex normals like the Edge Split modifier, Auto Smooth is useful when you want to use it for a quick rende
  12. @Core in Leadwerks when you calculate your normals you will want to specify an angle rather than calculating the normal angle by an average. I would recommend to try and put a high angle like 70 or 90 and see if that works for you. @mdgunn when you mark edges as sharp in Blender that adds a tag to that edge, its mainly for the edge split modifier. Marking edges as sharp lets the edge split modifier know which edges the modifier is applied to.
  13. Nice work @Core really liking those beveled edges @mdgunn yeah the shared textures works really well and helps lower your draw calls to the GPU. It also has the benefit of keeping your scene consistent too in terms of color palette. I'll see if I have time to put together a real example, I got some assignments to do over the Christmas holiday but it wouldn't hurt to screw around in Leadwerks for a break
  14. Awwwww shiiiteee I'm so excited for Leadwerks 5
  15. Medium polygon modelling gives you the best of both worlds. You can usually create very good quality models which are reasonable in poly count and fake rounded/bevelled edges in the normal map. This is the workflow they used when modelling for the game Alien: Isolation. Also Simplygon is a great way to decimate high poly meshes. It's used to create LOD's but doesn't hurt to decimate your mesh to get it even lower poly, it's also free and used in a ton of games like Resident Evil 7, Playerunknown Battlegrounds, etc. https://simplygon.com/#get Also look into other a
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