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  1. Thinking about starting a series of micro tutorials on low poly modelling and texturing - http://para.tbhproductions.com/gamedev/lowpoly-climbingplant-microtut.png

  2. For simple models you could get away with just CreateBodyHull() command.
  3. Finally got the chance to see the video - my immediate association: DayZ (yeah you mentioned it, but even if you didn't, the resemblance is strong...) Some nice features and details on display there, I like the movement and gun handling, the atmosphere and vegetation placement is great (as I said before), the only thing bothering me is the silence. I know it's still a WIP and sounds will eventually be added, but still, with a long video like that the lack of any ambient sound gets really apparent.
  4. The following also applies to auto-generated specular maps (maybe even more so, as pointed out by Andy). -edit: forgot to also include this tut: Creating a Specular Map for Quake 4 http://www.iddevnet.com/quake4/ArtReference_SpecularMaps
  5. Wow things are really starting to come together now! I followed your progress for many months now, and I'm both inspired and impressed. Good luck with the alpha release and count me in for testing That's one hell of a productive week. Are you working on this project full time now ? @repeating texture patterns - well, that's an easy albeit tedious fix, you can modify each mip level and brush out offending low frequency details. Alternatively you can just blur/color average mip levels automatically (makedds.exe has the 'fade mipmaps' option).
  6. That's the fail right there - why should one have to use the terminal for simple and very frequent task such as uncompressing archives and compiling code? Don't get me wrong, I love the options and power a command line/terminal offers and often write software with that in mind, but for a normal user and his every day tasks, one should accomplish everything without having to resort to terminal/cmd prompt. Actually that's much more important to me than smooth movement inside the editor. I hate modelling tools that don't offer any kind of snapping/aligning or a way to punch in precise numbers via keyboard.
  7. As a hobbyist game developer linux can't offer you that much, except give you access to an alternative, free software loving "market". As for gamedev software, you have blender and gimp, a few engines (most notably torque3d and soon leadwerks3). If that's all you need and are buying a new pc then that's great, you can save a few bucks (though you probably still need a copy of windows, as you don't want to loose that market). My suggestion would be to keep developing on windows with the tools you are already comfortable with, but get yourself a copy of linux to familiarize yourself with the OS, that way you can target a larger audience when Leadwerks 3.1 ships, and make the switch later down the road when you have a better understanding of what linux can offer and what you want from it, this way you'll be able to choose a distro that better suits your needs. Oh, and don't go asking linux people on what linux to get, you'll get 100 different answers and opinions, just start with ubuntu (it's one of the friendliest to new users and easy to install) via VMWare to get a feel for it first. Viruses are not an issue, because linux community is smaller and made of people who are generally comp savvy power users, software is mainly distributed with source, and linux has a very coherent and robust security policy. That being said, during high school I wrote a lot of malicious software for both linux and windows without much trouble (purely for educational and experimental purposes). Once everyone and their dog starts using and developing for linux, the situation will worsen a bit, but thankfully viruses have generally gone out of style, data mining and user tracking are the trends now. Some of the ads on the web feature super advanced javascripting that track your online behavior and history like a boss, and they don't even need to get into your system.
  8. @YouGroove I care. I played all the games mentioned here (except fast food ugh..), and can back my claims with valid arguments, the question is can you? @Rick I agree 100%, very nicely put, that's exactly how I feel and think about the word Indie.
  9. It has been mentioned several times that Josh doesn't have the time and that it could be better spent on other things - with which I totally agree, Josh should put all his energies and focus into the engine until it's complete. This can sometimes be a signal that the company needs growing but in this case he could just hire a freelancer for the task, or recruit a few willing bodies from the community. @Aggror, that's why the documentation needs a hub/portal/front page where stuff like a FAQ can have a permanent and visible link. Rastar is right about the avalanche effect, separation can hurt us if we don't have enough momentum, which is very likely since the community isn't THAT big. We can make a prototype of such a system on our own, while Josh fiddles with 3.1, but it would need to be tightly integrated into the official docs eventually or it will be condemned to a slow death.
  10. True. But some things are hard to search for, or you don't know what to search for, or even that you should be searching for it. Just a quick illustrative example.. If I post a few tips or an alternative way to do X in LE more efficiently, and you check back to the forums a couple months later, it's unlikely you'll find about it, you won't search for it because it's already working for you and it hasn't occurred that it could be done better or that someone posted about it between your visits, even though such a method would greatly benefit you...
  11. I don't think this would actually be best, because knowledge needs to congregate not dissipate, and It doesn't have to be a real wiki, so no need to install anything. We just need a simple and elegant way for the community to contribute new and enrichen old documentation.. without having to go through (of what could quickly be) 50+ pages of http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/ style articles.. Another thing is that a lot of great knowledge is accumulated in the forums but it quickly gets buried and forgotten, then the cycle repeats itself, a common problem/missed opportunity for which I haven't seen an effortless mechanism for propagating such knowledge.. which is a shame because some of it could be turned into an article with a bit of work and a lot of them could be added at least to a giant FAQ or something.. Current documentation is okay-ish, the layout could do with a better hub page along the lines of portal for the community section, and the whole command reference tree could be a level shallower or at the least provide links to functions from the same category OR ideally, have a collapsable tree list of all the commands in a bar on the left, so one can jump from function to function in a single click. While one can post additional remarks and sample code to the API docs via comments, I'd personally be much more comfortable and inclined to do so if I knew that other people/editors can correct and tidy it up some more if need be.. that's what the whole point/idea of a wiki is I think - many people editing a single page/entry, having their internal discussions and whatnot, else it's just forum style postings that can quickly bloat the docs..
  12. A "layer" system might not be such a bad idea. Seems like you already have your buildings separated by floors, right? Each floor is a layer, if you have parented floors from ground to top, you can set alpha=0 to all meshes above the player in one go.. additionally you'd need to have an array (floor layers) of linked lists for enemies and/or other objects. You could build these lists on entering the building or have them prebuilt for each building on level load, of course, for NPCs you'd need to dynamically insert and remove them from the lists as they go up and down each floor.
  13. @YouGroove you can't be seriously comparing a throw away game like fast food to papers please... The first 3 games you posted are good, but nothing special, papers please got better reviews then all those games you are mentioning.. ..did you actually play any of these games or are you just posting for the sake of posting ?
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