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  1. @Josh: Here are my backup files. The last save date on the back-ups appear to be 2/2/2014 (maybe because I turned off auto-saving for my second project attempt), and will most likely be relevant to the "start.map" file (which is of a different project than the ship1.map file). I hope this helps! -Jeff Backup.zip
  2. @Major: When both of those maps crashed, I believe they were loaded into the same project that created them. Thanks though!
  3. When I uploaded the maps, the forum required me to Zip them (as it didn't like the .map extension). Is there any indication that additional corruption could have happened due to the zipping? I figured I would throw that out there to rule it out. I am also wondering if virus/malware protection is making a contribution to the corruption... since it doesn't seem to be hitting us all. I will keep mapping away to see what I run into.
  4. That's interesting Josh... If there are any tests you want me to do, or methods you'de like me to try (to either avoid or recreate the error)... let me know. -Jeff
  5. The first time it happened, autosave was on. The second time it happened, it was turned off... but the error occurred when I hit the save button manually. So, my guess is that the corruption happens during the save process, no matter how it's initiated. It sounds like they just need to nail down how/where the corruption happens, and need us to post the steps and corrupted files, to help them determine enough of a pattern to fix the error. @Yougroove: Not to turn this thread into a feature request, but I feel the validation tool you mention might be better set behind the scenes, upon
  6. Description of Occurance (for the attached ship1.map file): I created a new project from the project manager and loaded it. I created a new map in the map editor I created entities and CSG's. I saved the project, naming the new map as ship1.map. I reload the project and it play-tested fine. I ended the play-test and left Leadwerks in Edit Mode I left the computer and project open for a few hours. I saved the project again after making no changes. I received the Mentioned error. Leadwerks shut down after I clicked OK The map no longer loads, and always produces the error. Attac
  7. Well, here is a possible clue... I had started a new project from scratch, spent a day creating/playing on it, then this morning after doing a "Build NavMesh" on my map, I received the Exception_Access_Violation error. Leadwerks 3.1 closed. However, I noticed that at the moment I went to generate the NavMesh, Steam was already updating one of my games (7 Days to Die). I launched Leadwerks, and waited for the update to finish... and had no problem creating the NavMesh. It could have been coincidence of course, but who knows. Edit: Clarity
  8. Ok, I attached the offending file to my reply above... I was too slow to think to re-edit/attach it to this one. lol.
  9. @ YouGroove: I can't seem to upload the file. I tried editing my post to use the full post editor, but the upload link still didn't show up. My guess is that it is a privileged function, and that I am set to Member, and not Developer. I'll keep prodding. Out of curiosity... is this a Steam version only bug? EDIT: @Josh: Thanks! I attached the file. start.zip
  10. You know, I am feeling a bit lame. I clicked on Use Full Editor, and still can't find the upload button. Is it a permission thing? Thanks!
  11. Sure YouGroove. Any help on how to get my files into "My Media" would be appreciated (I can't find an upload button). Thanks! EDIT: Type-o
  12. This started happening to me an hour ago. The odd thing is, I had my project loaded and was working on it earlier today. Then after a few hours of browsing online, I clicked on the Leadwerks editor tab in the task bar (because I never closed it), and I received this exception when the the Leadwerks editor came into focus.. I had to delete the config file to fix the error and launch Leadwerks (as per another thread). However, I am now having a problem loading the map I was working on, though no changes were made to it from the time it was working onward. It now always receives the err
  13. Great stuff! I've been watching them. Thanks for putting in the time to create those tutorials... they are really giving me a good start! -Jeff
  14. That did the trick! Hey, you know... I have to say that this tutorial was FAR more useful than was titled. I think it's perfect for beginners (like me ^.- ) to get started from scratch, and to learn the base mechanics relatively quickly. It may deserve a retitling to "Leadwerks for Newbies", or some-such. Great job on that tutorial! -Jeff
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