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  1. Tutorial recording setup

    Nice. I've always been interested in people's recording setups While you're at it, you might as well replace your PC setup lol
  2. Here is the car level. This one took ages to upload. Its still processing for some reason, so just give it some time.
  3. I made the highscore in the ball level and recorded my playthrough. Gonna start attempting the car level now. Is there any negotiation around the prizes? I don't like either of the 1st place games (not saying I'm going to win or anything). I'd just much prefer the 2nd place prizes.
  4. Get material from CSG mesh

    @shadmar That looks like it'll do the trick! @Genebris That would work in most cases, but if the surface has more than one surface, it won't work. Thanks everyone! Edit: My final solution is to get the face from the Pick, then get the material from the face, just in case anyone is reading this in the future with the same question. More info here
  5. Get material from CSG mesh

    That works, thanks. Its not ideal, but there's probably no other way.
  6. Get material from CSG mesh

    I'm trying to get the material of a raycast entity, but It won't let me get the material of a CSG as I'm pretty sure the geometry gets combined for optimization. Is there a way to get the material from a CSG?
  7. When I do a pick, the entity name is coming up as blank. Ugh :(

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. mdgunn


      Unless you put script on them. Create a minimal script called 'empty' or something and stick that on and you'll get the names through.


    3. Genebris


      I'm not sure this is not a bug, because GetKeyValue also returns empty string on prefabs.

    4. Genebris


      I have just checked, prefab itself gets empty string as a name. I can't even find it with world:FindEntity("name")

  8. I think it would be good to merge this idea with the monthly scripting challenge, but make it more general. i.e. see what you can make with a specific set of constraints I do think one every fortnight is a bit much though.
  9. What are you working on :

    Dude, that's sick! Can't wait to see those models in a game
  10. Winter Games 2016 - On the road again - Part 5

    @Rick HA! Just beat your time by a whole second. I AM THE NEW CHAMPION! XD
  11. A long Journey

    I'm impressed! Really atmospheric That old man was creepy. He just appeared out of nowhere. Was not expecting it at all. Is there a way past the path as you follow the man? He got to the end and disappeared and there was an invisible wall blocking me.
  12. I've released an update with some improvements from the feedback

  13. Ball Hopper (Winter Game Tournament 2016)

    Just released an update to address these points. Let me know if there are still issues with the mouse.
  14. I've finished the main concept of my game "Ball Hopper", which you can play at It was inspired by CS:GO surfing and the Impossible Game and your goal is to reach the checkpoints and get to the end. Checkpoints, for a lack of a better word aren't what you'd expect of them. They're really just points that you need to touch to be able to finish the level. Some level end points are right at the start, so would be a bit silly if you could just get to the finish and win, so that's what those are for. You don't actually respawn at those points. This blog post is mainly to gather feedback before the end of the tournament, so let me know if you have any suggestions.
  15. Script Editor Window Starts slightly off screen

    Single monitor