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  1. hi all now sat disassemble lesson Marble Gamay but I had a problem, I have done everything as a lesson but when you start the climbs here such an error in line 11: self.camera:SetRotation(45,0,0) function Script:Start() --создает камеру self.camera = Camera:Create() --обновление камеры self:UpdateCamera()--вызывается функцыя end --добвляет камеру поварачивает ее к шару function Script:UpdateCamera() -- задает угол для камеры в пространстве self.camera:SetRotation(45,0,0)[color=#ff0000]<<<<<<<<<<here[/color] --задает прозицыю отнасительно шара self.camera:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition()) --подымает камеры вверх на 4 self.camera:Move(0,0,-4) end function Script:UpdatePhysics() --изменение в игровом окне (получает) local window = Window:GetCurrent() --если нажата кнопка W добавлется сила к обоекту (заставляет его двигаться (засчет физической силы)) if window:KeyDown(Key.W) then self.entity:AddForce(0,0,10,true) end if window:KeyDown(Key.A) then self.entity:AddForce(-10,0,0,true) end if window:KeyDown(Key.D) then self.entity:AddForce(10,0,0,true) end if window:KeyDown(Key.S) then self.entity:AddForce(0,0,-10,true) end end function Script:UpdateWorld() --обновляет камеру каждый фрейм self.UpdateCamera() end
  2. Thanks so yes it is, now think how to make what the player had more than one weapon and that it would have been possible to select
  3. Thirsty Panther Thank look now download videos I uploaded model and added the script and save it in a Prefab
  4. thank you but I can not afford them to buy too expensive for me (for the cost I eat week in my country)
  5. hi all, decided to make his weapon using a standard script. But there probdemoy, in my arms there is no flash and it does not deal damage. I prekreplyu video that you would have been understandable.
  6. I have Steam version. I just gave a rather large sum for the engine, for example in my Stronie on fl days of the month and you can live now that would be upgraded to the standard version, you have to pay again takuyuzhe amount. I'm not ready to pay only for the ability to use C + +. Exact time for something like that passed as I bought it did not happen does not change kokogo funktseonale. Can not use the vegetation on the landscape. No coherent documentation I do not know much English, and so for me the problem is that it is in the current figure. And eternal bugs bugs of creating materials when not sozdaetsya new material and already prsto zamenyaetsya The created you. Sorry but I am disappointed. I understand that not everything is so simple but you need at least that to do something. I pytladsya share with friends svoisi extent klssny engine and promising but alas when I tried to prove it to a friend, he let me. I can not even put into words all the feelings that I experienced when I bought this engine, because I spent it all his scholarship, and it was my first daizhok that I bought. But you now I'm only sad when ismytyvayu myta work in it.
  7. Good day yesterday I wrote Josh Clint but he did not answer. I decided to write about this here, I'm interested to poluchaetsya that after additions to the standard version of indy version will not be updated? for the last couple of weeks I did not have more than one update.
  8. Yes, I still decided to look into lua
  9. Hello, here faced such problemoy.Napisal few lines of code and skills zapuslil issued a mistake here.
  10. and if you look at the information network what exactly to look for? Writing shaders for opengl4
  11. Well I know that I'm interested in the language of writing
  12. Good evening, please share information how to write shaders for this engine?
  13. Good afternoon, today faced with the question "how to create grass on the level?". I created a model of grass but to place it on the level. Install one very long and not user-friendly.and if you install a lot of models that will decrease the FPS. tell me how to do it.? And what material is best to use for the grass? because it is now I have it "shine"
  14. Began to deal with lua looked lessons (http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/getting-started-with-leadwerks-r8) and encountered this error message as pictured tested concentration with what seems to me a lesson all right local pos -- обьявление локальной переменной function App:Start() --название в правом углу self.title="1_начало" --создаем акно self.window=Window:Create(self.title) self.window:HideMouse() --графическая часть self.context=Context:Create(self.window,0) if self.context==nil then return false end --Создает мир self.word=World:Create() pos=Vec3(2, 2) return true end function App:Loop() --If window has been closed, end the program if self.window:Closed() or self.window:KeyDown(Key.Escape) then return false end pos.x=pos.x+(1*Time:GetSpeed())-- обновление х координаты ---обновление приложения современем Time:Update() ---обновление мира self.world:Update() ---рендер мира self.world:Render() self.context:Clear(); ---ресуем жолтый квадрат self.context:SetColor(120,255,0) self.context:DrawRect(0,0,256,256) ------text self.context:SetColor(0,255,0) self.context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpfa) self.context:DrawText("Hello world",pos.s,500) self.context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Solid) ---цвет фона self.context:SetColor(0,0,0) --обновление экрана self.context:Sync() --- return true end
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