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  1. I believe decimal precision errors on floats (and doubles) happens when you use large numbers as the computer moves (floats) the comma to make space for higher digits and deletes lower digits rounding them up or down, this is why you have errors when you move away from the origin but not close to the origin I believe the phys file should be adjusted accordingly before importing the mesh into the engine (you have to import a very small jet...) .... but well you are the expert ... I am just exploring LE as you know... This could also be an idea for a different flight sim, where you fly around garden chairs and tables, this should make for fun dogfights...
  2. After looking at terrain issues in many off the shelf engines for a flight sim I came to the conclusion that possibly the best approach would be a combination of scaling terrain distances down (i.e. using 1m scale on the engine to represent 10m or even 90m) and --if necessary-- reset the world center after player XYZ position reaches certain values (this last step might not be necessary) This approach might impact on physics but physics can also be easily "scaled down" by increasing for the same amount the object mass (and therefore, forces and moments being equal, scaling down accellerations and velocities), You would also need being able to access the physics engine moments of intertia (which are accesible in Newton but for some reason not accessible in Leadwerks yet, even though josh could easily add them to the engine), this will affect how fast an object rotates after an inpulse. As Flex says a simulation is a way of cheating anyway but in a credible way, so why not have your jet plane being scaled down to a bee flying over your backyard... Fred
  3. Consider many users now use ipads and such for reading, the best way to do it would be an xml /database based documentation being exported to html (with a download full html documentation link) and pdf. There are a number of tools to do that we use in our company if you need help on that. As long as tutorials go I really love the style of this book Essential C++ also introduced with some examples here http://www.entish.org/realquickcpp/realquickcpp.html After reading several C++ books (I come from C#) I really like the approach, it gives a full tutorial with cleverly thought of in depth examples for real world cases.
  4. You probably already noticed that but I think the home page for Leadwerks needs to be updated as no NET support is mentioned there.... Anyway that's really great news for us NEAT developers :-) bye fred
  5. I sent an email to the author of the above book regarding performance of his code which is C# managed + GLSL (throught OpenTK) and here's the reply "The performance of our C# code is pretty good since most of the heavy rendering tasks are pushed onto the GPU. I don't have the exact numbers, but I want to say our clipmapped terrain example gets around 200 million triangles per second on my laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce 260M. " So I guess a Native C++ implementation of this (while using the freely available shaders that come with the code) could even improve that. Fred
  6. Here' a recent article on C++ vs C# performance. I know this will not apply to LW for most cases but I thought it would be interesting to share http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cross-platform/BenchmarkCppVsDotNet.aspx If someone would like to do a similar test for LW (maybe also adding LUA to the test) it would be great (I don't believe I have the skills for doing it myself) Fred
  7. Cant wait to start using it... Look forward to the prerelease soom.
  8. That's a great project thank you if you need maybe have a look at the code enclosed with the book C# for serous game programming http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/3353-book-on-c-opengl-game-programming/ In part 2 author creates a full 2D openGL game engine integrating several C utility libraries.. I really like for example the game state management, also a joystick input class would be useful.
  9. To decrease the torques you should try to increase the moments of inertia, I don't have the sdk at hand now, but there should be a command to increase that. Try to set a value = mass*length And adjust
  10. Mono is not a scripting language per se, it is the Novell Multi platform equivalent of NET Framework and it supports just in time (JIT) compilation This is like ASP.NET where your code is not executed as a script but compiled just in time (i.e. when it changes or when application starts) so the performance should be similar to compiled Lua. The framework thanslates any supported language (C#, VB, LUA, Javascript, BOO etc...) into intermediate language which is then compiled by mono in real time upon launching the application (as I understand). My idea rough idea was about integrating the Mono runtime instead of creating a NET wrapper with P/Invokes . That would allow to program LE with compiled code performance in several languages with a single effort, as well as using Mono Develop as a fully featured code editor. As Brent says it could possibly be a community project....
  11. In case of the mono runtime as I understand you would be doing both due to JIT compilation ? Quote from the above link... Anyway I highly respect any decision made by people 1000 times more experienced than I am... I just throwed an idea as I'd really like to see LE3 meet a huge success...
  12. Hi, possibly Josh already knows about this article Scipting with Mono this is the way Unity got C#, Javascript and Boo to work in his engine. Even though I am a professional C# programmer I don't know enough about C++ integration to understand how much this would fit into LE3 development Since I believe many people would like LE approach much more than Unity approach as I did, from the marketing point of view integrating the same scripting languages plus LUA and BMax might give LE3 sales a boost and make c# programmers happy too ... Also multi platform deployment (OS, Linux etc...) would be easier for the average programmer .... Bye Fred
  13. Hi, I am starting to go beyond the samples using LE.Net and LEO.net wrapper (thanks a lot for then please keep the good job!), I am reading an excellent book which is helping me a lot putting things together, It is based on C# and TAO OpenGL but can be quickly integrated into a LW project (which is what I am doing now) C# Game Programming: For Serious Game Creation Here's the aUthor's blog and link to source code svn BLOG Highly recommended for people who knows C# and wants to start in game programming. bye Fred
  14. Hi, I just found this today that might really make HTML to PDF easy for your site with no added code or libraries... PRINTFRIENDLY Hope it helps Bye Fred
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