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Found 42 results

  1. So I have this box that I want to resize. The one highlighted red. I want to resize it to where its not below the object next to it. I dont want it to be that tall. If I do it goes below it like shown in the attachments below. Any help? If that even made sense?
  2. Hello everyone and thank you for having a look at the issue I'm having! I am trying(<-emphasis) to make a game that starts out on a spacecraft and then (via disaster and escape pod) crash lands on earth. At this point in time I am watching the tutorials and learning as I go on how to use the editor. This issue I'm having is with a material in the SciFi Interior Construction Kit, in particular 'windowb.mat'. When I am using the material as a window I cannot see far enough to see the engines of the spacecraft, and when I just delete the wall I can see them, below is what I am on about: WINDOW: NO WINDOW: I'm sorry that the images are so large! Anyway, I hope that you can see the issue that I am having and I hope that there is a solution! Please and thank you for all and any help that I receive PS: I mentioned the two lines of backstory as I will be posting here if I get stuck again...
  3. Hello again everyone, I am having an issue with the editor whereby it works absolutely fine in the textured render mode but as soon as I try and run the game or if I render a window in textured+lighting I get the error: Framebuffer incomplete: GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_MISSING_ATTACHMENT Now I have been looking at the forums for a while now and it seems that this has happened before but the solutions proposed (deleting objects + computer restart) do not seem to be working... This wasn't a problem before until I added lots of lights to my game... I am making an inside level so exclusively using Point Lights and Spot Lights rather than a Directional Light (which I was saving for later to act as the Sun (The game is in Space at the moment). I started with floor lights from the Sci-Fi constructors kit and added spot lights to them and this seemed to work fine but I wasn't keen on the type of light so I swapped to Point Lights. This is when I started having issues, when I replaced all of my spot lights with point lights I started getting the crash and the above mentioned error. (I did this manually) Does this mean that the engine doesn't support lots of Point Lights (as the Spot Lights worked fine)? Have I messed up somewhere? In Debug mode it highlights the render world function (I haven't touched any scripts yet) PS: It's worth noting that I made one light and then saved it as a prefab and then Ctrl+Dragged it so that I had the same light all over the place... We are talking 50+ lights and counting... Should I make directional lights inside the rooms and put a 'fake' light model in to reduce the amount of lights? PPSS: My PC specs are in my signature. THANKS!
  4. Hello Everyone! I recently purchased the Indie Edition of Leadwerks off of Steam, and have been enjoying it. I noticed that I can't orbit / look around in the perspective editor, unlike the documentation says. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks. Edit: I also forgot to mention that when I try to use "Debug" mode, I only get the script editor window, and no game appears. Anyone else?
  5. I also have a Intel® HD 4000 graphic card and 2.2 - 3.2 ghz , but i open the software and it results in the common "Failed To Configure Graphics" But I downloaded the Intel driver and I get an error Message saying 'the driver being installed is not validated for this computer, please obtain the appropriate driver from the manufacture" I have a i7 core and I m using my acer aspire V3-571-9646, I used to have a desktop but It died GG this is my first laptop, so im not very well informed on the drivers ,thanks for reading
  6. I am new to programming so I debugged my game and it gave and error. So I tried to fix it (Just began today because there was sale on the engine) and this happened line 58 on debug please help.
  7. Hello everyone, I am creating a game where the player has to use physics to navigate the level, such as stacking objects to create stairs to get to a point, etc. In said game, the player can accidently drop objects off the level or get them destroyed by other forces. I would like to implement a feature where the player can hit a key and the level and all scripts, lighting, etc. is reloaded. This code must be in C++. How can I do this? Please help. Thanks.
  8. I have placed the FPS Player prefab in my scene but when I run the game I'm in freelook mode. How do I fix this?
  9. Just wondering if there are any video/text tutorials to help me with this. I have tried to do both these things and failed miserably, very confused. New to lua code, and leadwerks.
  10. So I have been testing with new character models for enemy's, and I have come across an error. When ever the enemy runs towards me he gets pushed back by some force field. I am using the default monster script.
  11. Ok so I have a mesh character that I modified so it has as few vertex's as possible to make sure the engine doesnt over load. But when I use it as a character controller the fps goes to ****. If i am not using it as a controller it seems fine. The character is bone rigged, has 10 prims 5 spheres 5 custom mesh all are on low poly as possible
  12. I made a nice little game and have a few questions. 1. Can you export your game to your computer and not the Steam Workshop? 2. When I export it is not titled what I originally set the title to, and when I start up the game, it is only a block and an orange floor. If anyone can help me that would be great.
  13. Hi everyone. I was wondering if someone could take a look at these modified versions of Shadmars Vegetation+Diffuse+Shadowmask and Shadow+Vegetation shaders to check for any errors. Also I was wondering if there is a way I can make the vegetation sway only when it is visible and/or within a certain distance from the camera. That could be really useful (especially if it increases my fps). Anyways here they are. They compile without any errors and seem to work fine. Feel free to use them in any of your own projects at your own risk until they get a stamp of approval. Vegetation+Diffuse+Shadowmask Shader-- Fragment- #version 400 #define BFN_ENABLED 1 //Uniforms uniform sampler2D texture0;//diffuse map uniform sampler2D texture1;//normal map uniform vec4 materialcolorspecular; uniform vec4 lighting_ambient; uniform samplerCube texture15; uniform vec2 camerarange; uniform vec2 buffersize; uniform float camerazoom; //Inputs in vec2 ex_texcoords0; in vec4 ex_color; in float ex_selectionstate; in vec3 ex_VertexCameraPosition; in vec3 ex_normal; in vec3 ex_tangent; in vec3 ex_binormal; //Outputs out vec4 fragData0; out vec4 fragData1; out vec4 fragData2; out vec4 fragData3; float DepthToZPosition(in float depth) { return camerarange.x / (camerarange.y - depth * (camerarange.y - camerarange.x)) * camerarange.y; } void main(void) { vec4 outcolor = ex_color; outcolor *= texture(texture0,ex_texcoords0); if (outcolor.a < .63) discard; vec4 color_specular = materialcolorspecular; vec3 screencoord = vec3(((gl_FragCoord.x/buffersize.x)-0.5) * 2.0 * (buffersize.x/buffersize.y),((-gl_FragCoord.y/buffersize.y)+0.5) * 2.0,DepthToZPosition( gl_FragCoord.z )); screencoord.x *= screencoord.z / camerazoom; screencoord.y *= -screencoord.z / camerazoom; vec3 nscreencoord = normalize(screencoord); vec3 normal = ex_normal; normal = texture(texture1,ex_texcoords0).xyz * 2.0 - 1.0; float ao = normal.z; normal = ex_tangent*normal.x + ex_binormal*normal.y + ex_normal*normal.z; normal=normalize(normal); vec4 lighting_diffuse = vec4(0); vec4 lighting_specular = vec4(0); float attenuation=1.0; vec3 lightdir; vec3 lightreflection; int i; float anglecos; float diffspotangle; float denom; fragData0 = outcolor; #if BFN_ENABLED==1 fragData1 = texture(texture15,normalize(vec3(normal.x,-normal.y,normal.z))); #else fragData1 = vec4(normalize(normal)*0.5+0.5,fragData0.a); #endif fragData1.a = color_specular.r * 0.299 + color_specular.g * 0.587 + color_specular.b * 0.114; int materialflags=1; if (ex_selectionstate>0.0) materialflags += 2; fragData2 = vec4(0.0,0.0,0.0,materialflags/255.0); } -Vertex #version 400 #define MAX_INSTANCES 256 //Uniforms uniform vec4 materialcolordiffuse; uniform mat4 projectioncameramatrix; uniform mat4 camerainversematrix; uniform instancematrices { mat4 matrix[MAX_INSTANCES];} entity; uniform float currenttime;//Attributes in vec3 vertex_position; in vec4 vertex_color; in vec2 vertex_texcoords0; in vec3 vertex_normal; in vec3 vertex_binormal; in vec3 vertex_tangent; //Outputs out vec4 ex_color; out vec2 ex_texcoords0; out float ex_selectionstate; out vec3 ex_VertexCameraPosition; out vec3 ex_normal; out vec3 ex_tangent; out vec3 ex_binormal;void main() { mat4 entitymatrix = entity.matrix[gl_InstanceID]; mat4 entitymatrix_=entitymatrix; entitymatrix_[0][3]=0.0; entitymatrix_[1][3]=0.0; entitymatrix_[2][3]=0.0; entitymatrix_[3][3]=1.0; //SWAY float seed = mod(currenttime / 100.0 * 0.25,360.0); seed += entitymatrix_[3].x*33.0 + entitymatrix_[3].y*67.8 + entitymatrix_[3].z*123.5; seed += vertex_position.x + vertex_position.y + vertex_position.z; vec4 movement = vec4( vec3( 0.02 * (sin(seed)+0.025*cos(seed*5.2+3.2)) ),0.0); vec4 modelvertexposition = entitymatrix_ * vec4(vertex_position+movement.xyz,1.0); ex_VertexCameraPosition = vec3(camerainversematrix * modelvertexposition); gl_Position = projectioncameramatrix * modelvertexposition; mat3 nmat = mat3(camerainversematrix[0].xyz,camerainversematrix[1].xyz,camerainversematrix[2].xyz); nmat = nmat * mat3(entitymatrix[0].xyz,entitymatrix[1].xyz,entitymatrix[2].xyz); ex_normal = normalize(nmat * vertex_normal); ex_tangent = normalize(nmat * vertex_tangent); ex_binormal = normalize(nmat * vertex_binormal); ex_texcoords0 = vertex_texcoords0; ex_color = vec4(entitymatrix[0][3],entitymatrix[1][3],entitymatrix[2][3],entitymatrix[3][3]); //If an object is selected, 10 is subtracted from the alpha color. //This is a bit of a hack that packs a per-object boolean into the alpha value. ex_selectionstate = 0.0; if (ex_color.a<-5.0) { ex_color.a += 10.0; ex_selectionstate = 1.0; } ex_color *= vec4(1.0-vertex_color.r,1.0-vertex_color.g,1.0-vertex_color.b,vertex_color.a) * materialcolordiffuse; } Shadow+Vegetation Shader-- Fragment- #version 400 uniform sampler2D texture4;in vec2 ex_texcoords0; void main() { if (texture(texture4,ex_texcoords0).a < 0.8) discard; } Vertex- #version 400 #define MAX_INSTANCES 256 //Uniforms //uniform mat4 entitymatrix; uniform mat4 projectioncameramatrix; uniform instancematrices { mat4 matrix[MAX_INSTANCES];} entity; uniform float currenttime; //Attributes in vec3 vertex_position; in vec2 vertex_texcoords0; out vec2 ex_texcoords0; void main() { mat4 entitymatrix = entity.matrix[gl_InstanceID]; mat4 entitymatrix_=entitymatrix; entitymatrix_[0][3]=0.0; entitymatrix_[1][3]=0.0; entitymatrix_[2][3]=0.0; entitymatrix_[3][3]=1.0; //SWAY float seed = mod(currenttime / 100.0 * 0.25,360.0); seed += entitymatrix_[3].x*33.0 + entitymatrix_[3].y*67.8 + entitymatrix_[3].z*123.5; seed += vertex_position.x + vertex_position.y + vertex_position.z; vec4 movement = vec4( vec3( 0.01 * (sin(seed)+0.025*cos(seed*5.2+3.2)) ),0.0); ex_texcoords0 = vertex_texcoords0; vec4 modelvertexposition = entitymatrix_ * vec4(vertex_position+movement.xyz,1.0); gl_Position = projectioncameramatrix * modelvertexposition; }
  14. Hi there I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this problem. I'm trying to import a model from blender its an fbx type that has been hand painted using blenders texture paint mode. for some reason the fbx file keeps comming up with this error when imported : Loading model "C:/Users/Joshua/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/ElderonGM/pillar.mdl" Unknown chunk in model file. Deleting model "C:/Users/Joshua/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/ElderonGM/pillar.mdl" Error: Failed to load model "C:/Users/Joshua/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/ElderonGM/pillar.mdl". the model seems to import ok when using the mdl exporter for blender but when I load the model in leadwerks the model has the incorrect dimensions any ideas ?
  15. Somehow i cant download any files from the assets for example this: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/375-medieval-building/ it always says "You do not have permission to download this file" look here: http://prntscr.com/400ibu i own leadwerks on steam btw. Anyone got an idea why it doesnt work?
  16. Hello, My name is Drake and I was wondering if their is a way to import water into the engine? I've tried downloading this http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/468-water-prefab-for-leadwerks-31-steam-ed/ but its not working... Need help please!
  17. So I have a player and a weapon. I pickup the weapon by parenting it to my entity. I drop the weapon by calling weaponentity:SetParent(nil) and then it drops like it should. My problem is that the weapons collision shape doesn't change back to normal when it drops. I imagine that it keeps the shape it inherited from its parent. It is hard to describe so I added a video to show what's going on. If anyone knows what I can do to fix this let me know. I have tried to change the weapons shape back to its original shape when it is dropped but that hasn't worked. --video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woqWma6JJUQ
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