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  1. Welcome to the Fifth Monthly Script Challenge. Each Month I will set a challenge for gifted Leadwerkers to solve. Once you have perfected your script post your map to this thread. At the end of the month I will go through all the entries and judge the winner. I will then place the winning map on the Workshop so others can learn from them. Rules. Entries must be your own work. Entries must be submitted before the end of the month ( May ). Any assets you use must be your own or Royalty free. The map that you submit can be used by others for commercial use. Have fun. May Chal
  2. 'm using the C++ SDK and lua for small objects code. I need to create the entities from C++ and later use the bool Entity::CallFunction(const std::string& functionName, Object* extra) How to 'bind' on script lua to an entity ? it looks that Interpreter is using tolua++, but I can't figure how to load the .lua properly to the object // Create 100 special entity std::vector<Entity*> list; for (int i = 0; i < 100; i ++) { Entity* entity = new MyEntity(); entity->AddToWorldTable(true ); list.push_back(entity); } // Load special script (But not working, object
  3. I want to use multiple scripts in my character, but I don't want to change the FPS script. I hope this feature will be added in the future. Leadwerks / Unity Thanks Josh..
  4. Welcome to the Second Monthly Script Challenge. Each Month I will set a challenge for gifted Leadwerkers to solve. I will provide a map as a starting point. Once you have perfected your script you re-post your map to this thread. At the end of the month I will go through all the entries and judge the winner. I will then place the winning map on the Workshop so others can learn from them. Rules. Entries must be your own work. Entries must be submitted before the end of the month ( February). Any assets you use must be your own or Royalty free. The map that you submit can be used
  5. Welcome to the Forth Monthly Script Challenge. Each Month I will set a challenge for gifted Leadwerkers to solve. Once you have perfected your script post your map to this thread. At the end of the month I will go through all the entries and judge the winner. I will then place the winning map on the Workshop so others can learn from them. Rules. Entries must be your own work. Entries must be submitted before the end of the month ( April ). Any assets you use must be your own or Royalty free. The map that you submit can be used by others for commercial use. Have fun. April
  6. Hey guys, I was searching the forums for a releated subject, but I couldnt find one, but I could imagine there is one, if so I am sorry to post the same topic again So I am currently trying to come up with a way to handle diffrent objects rendering in the right order. What solutions have you for this problem. For example: I have a trading menu, but my cursor is rendered behind the inventory slots and buttons rendered by the NPC Trader entity. (elements of my trading menu are rendered by two diffrent entities (Player and NPC Trader)) I was thinking about something where you can
  7. Operating system or device - Leadwerks Version: Windows 7 Pro x64 Leadwerks 4.2 Beta BuildID:1737986 Issue description (what happened, and what was expected): Issue Models with physics that drop onto the character controller will bounce higher [*]What was expected The model to hit the top of the character controller then fall off. Steps to reproduce Load the fps AI and events map Pick up any entity Look directly up Drop it Link to minimal example project No project just a video
  8. Spent ages trying to figure out why a certain line of code keep breaking the program. After deciding to restart Leadwerks I reopened the script file and suddenly there was a break-point at that line. I did remove it before hand, but it obviously just removed the icon, not the actual break-point. Hope this can be resolved soon.
  9. Title says it all If answer is YES I'm disappointed as it shouldn't in my humble opinion
  10. If have an entity in my scene with a script attached that holds some parameter, something like this Script.param = 10--int and then in my LUA program at some point picks that entity. Is is possible to access the script.param then (at this stage I have only the entity) I made a temporary solution for this that works by using the Get/SetKeyValue like this Script.param = 10--int function Script:Start() self.entity:SetKeyValue("param", self.param) end which allows me to get that param event though I only have the entity local value = entity:GetKeyValue("
  11. Hi guys, I searched the forum a bit and found out that other people had the same issue as I have now. You maybe know that if you have a key check (like window:KeyHit() or window:MouseHit()) in multiple scripts then only ONE of the works as expected. I read that its because Leadwerks sets the hit check value to false right after you checked it. However I tried to find a solution for this, by making a "class" where I call all keychecks, unfortunately the problem remains, maybe you can help me? What have you come up with? Thats my attempt: Thats the class script: function KeyCheck(scr
  12. Hi, any idea haw can i change mode Chase player (Monster ai) to run away from player. thank y
  13. Hey there, Just wondering if there is a place to find scripts made by others that are ready to use? I know Leadwerks comes with some, but I'd like to play around with some others too. I've had a quick look around, can't seem to find any or maybe I just missed them all completely. Thanks
  14. Hi there, I have a problem, maybe you guys can help me. I will make it quick. Following is what I have (just an example): function Script:Start() FileSystem:CreateFile("Data/Save Data/someData.lua") self.stream = FileSystem:WriteFile("Data/Save Data/someData.lua") end function Script:UpdateWorld() --I created this to find the error and to test it out if window:KeyHit(Key.K) then self.stream:WriteLine("Some text goes here") System:Print("It should work!") end end So I get printed "It should work!" AND the file gets created, but I can click "K" as often as I want, the text whic
  15. Currently to expose settings to the editor users have to use the format: Script.variable = value --Type "Label" I propose a breaking change to the way editor properties function. First the syntax/method would need to change. Script would become a table: Script = {} All entries would be become named variables holding tables: Script = { --variable = {value, "type as string","label as string"} ground_height = {100, "uinteger","Ground Height" }, jump_height = {4,"uinteger", "Jump Height"}, player_name = {"","string", "Player N
  16. I recently had a bad go around with a project in leadwerks. I nearly had an entire map finished and ready to play and then alluva sudden, the script editor decided it didn't want to work anymore, as in clicked on it and nothing happened no matter how many times I tried. I started a new project to see if it was something wrong with my project files. Same thing happened. After realizing it wasn't going to work, I deleted all of my local content and reinstalled Leadwerks. After getting another map going, I attempted to play what I have, for debugging and it says that the Animation Manager Lua is
  17. I have got this Astar script, that I want to use again. https://github.com/lattejed/a-star-lua/blob/master/a-star.lua But I dont know how I managed to do it, the import itself works with import"Scripts/Astar.lua" but I get an error at the line 7 of the Astar script, : module ( "astar", package.seeall ) I dont know what I did to do to make this work, can anyone help ?
  18. If I create a prefab of decal with "Paint models" option disabled and load this prefab in code, this decal will still be visible on models and GetRenderMode(Object.ModelClass) will return true. Though, loading this prefab in editor will work correctly, Paint models will be off.
  19. Does anybody have good experience using a lua lib for calling webservices/making http requests? Currently looking at Luasockets but tinkering about whether this is even possible when you are making a game using the Leadwerks game player.
  20. I was looking for a way to avoid having to make time variables manually and a more inline way when I wanted to do something on an interval. I came up with the function below. The idea is that it's something that's in an Update function so it's called every frame (normally what you would do anyway if you were tracking it manually). First it's usage: -- this will play an attack animation every 2 seconds. the false variable tells if it should call the function you are passing in right away the first time or wait until the interval is up for the first time only. after that it'll do it at t
  21. Hello! So, recently this error has been starting to pop up at random when I change map Possible reference count error for asset "models/crates/crate_small.mdl" And then it just crashes. I have 3 crate_small models on the map, but some maps work and some don't, even if they are just mostly copies of each other. Suggestions? Thanks!
  22. Hello, currently I am working on my AI system, but I have a problem setting up multiple NPCs. What you need to know: - My AI is able to randomly move around in the world using waypoints. - I coded an own animation manager "class" The Problem: I set one NPC to not move around and the other to do so. It works fine. One is moving, one is standing still, BUT the one moving is not playing an animation. So he is kind of floating around. The one who is standing is playing the walk animation. So I printed some values to find the error. By the way if I just have on NPC active everything
  23. These guys are not documented
  24. FPS Nightmare is my first ever submitted game and my entry into the Summer games 2016. FPS Nightmare is a first person shooter ( hint is in the title ) where you face increasing number of enemies. New weapons spawn as you progress but ammunition is limited so don't waste it. Controls: WASD - movement R - Reload Implemented a Hi-score Table so there is an incentive to keep playing. Known problems: Game doesn't start with the main menu. For some reason it skips it and starts the game straight away. It comes back to the menu once you die thou. The credits tab in the main m
  25. CorzaX24


    Hey guys, Yet another issue I'm faced with, and is probably real simple to accomplish but I can't seem to understand how to do it. How do I add a Post-Processing shader to my work? Not a single model, but to the entire level? Thanks in advance!
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