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Found 2 results

  1. Hello My problem is that I have an Pivot which has the platform.lua script attached. when I test it out and select it to be enabled at the program start, everything works just fine. The pivot with all the atttached models are moving right where I want them and at the right speed. But when I select it to be disabled at the start of the program, it just keeps locked. I am pretty sure when you are ingame you cant make it change or just start inside the game. I tested it inside flowgraph editor with multiple ways : collision, pushbotton (none of them work) It am very confused about that since the most part of the script is in update...() functions. So how do you can make it change (via flowgraph) ?
  2. So after a day of having the Indie version I took the plunge and took the cash from my rent money and upgraded to the standard edition (via steam).. so I opened the App.cpp in V studio compiled it and opened the LeadWerks editor to throw a floor and some walls down.. I noticed I had to save the map as start.map manually and when I tried to run the project I get a failed to launch error the .exe file. The only way I can run the file is through the debug command in the Leadwerks editor program and none of my changes can be seen. When I use the debug command in the LeadWerks editor I get this warning Lua sandboxing disabled. I was hoping that I could drag and drop assets on to the map with the leadwerks editor and then do what ever coding i need to in lua and C++ like I have seen stated around here somewhere. At the moment the only way I can see that I can put assets on a map is to hard code them in C++ myself... I only upgraded because I thought that I would be able to drag drop assets and to code the stuff I want to in C++ etc etc.. Is this an error or is C++ for hard coding only?
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